ProFootballTalk Thinks The Redskins Are The Second Worst Team In The NFL

By Kelso Carpenter

I wrote an article last week about Teddy Bruschi stating that he thought the Redskins had the “worst quarterback situation heading into the 2011 NFL season.”

That’s how the national media is.  They base a lot of their opinions on what happened last year and what’s currently making major headlines, rarely diving deep enough to see what’s really going on.

Mike Florio at ProFootballTalk, for the most part, fits the same mold.  He published his “Week Zero Power Rankings” this morning and I just knew it was going to be an entertaining read.

As I started at the top and made my way down, he was off to a good start:  Number 1 – Green Bay Packers.  Sure!  Makes sense.  They did win the Super Bowl last year.  They deserve to be the favorites heading in.  Number two and three (New Orleans and San Diego, respectively) made me tilt my head a little bit, but then I read number ten (Dallas Cowboys) and almost spilled my coffee.

Here’s a team who, like the Redskins, finished 6-10 last season.  They’re only real “improvements” during the offseason were hiring a new defensive coordinator and getting their inconsistent, injury-prone quarterback back.  But, as always, the Cowboys are the National Media’s darling, so they’re always over-hyped.

As if the article couldn’t get any more laughable, I got all the way down to number thirty-one, second to last:  The Washington Redskins.

In case you didn’t know, Mike Florio is a lawyer who lives in West Virginia.  He’s also a life-long Minnesota Vikings fan.  He created in 2001 and, somehow, he’s viewed as a credible NFL writer.

If you’ve ever read his stuff, it’s pretty plain to see that he’s not a big fan of the Redskins.  He, like many national media members, hates Dan Snyder so he automatically hates the team.

Florio’s only “justification” for listing the Redskins at thirty-one is “Maybe Dan Snyder can get Joe Gibbs to unretire again.”  Hmm.  Okay?

So let me get this straight.  Mike Florio thinks the Redskins, who improved at nearly every position except for quarterback, which is debatable because Donovan McNabb was God-awful last year, are worse than the Cam Newton-lead Carolina Panthers?  Bad teams with new coaches like the Broncos and the 49ers?  Teams with new and/or rookie quarterbacks like the Titans and the Jaguars?  The Bills??  The Browns???  The Dolphins????

That’s eight teams right off the top of my head I think the Redskins are better than.  Throw in the Cowboys and now you’ve got nine.

The only safe-for-work words that come to mind after reading this article are “narrow-minded,” “short-sighted,” and “ignorant.”

Those, and the slightly less-polished “Quit hatin’ man!”

Ah.  Oh well.  What can I do?  The only thing worse than midseason power rankings are preseason power rankings.

And the only thing worse than preseason power rankings are any power rankings put together by a lawyer living in West Virginia.

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