Dolphins have two scouts at Oklahoma State game

By chriswalsh

As somebody who has spent many of hours in college press boxes, getting worked up over a scout at a game can be over rated, or seen as a sign of things to come.

For example, I saw a scout for a certain NFL team at many of D-2 games, for a team I began my career covering. Sure enough he was their starting tackle 2 years later.

Tonight, a very reliable source has told me that there are 2 Miami Dolphins scouts at the Oklahoma State vs Arizona game in Stillwater.

This could mean nothing, but remember, the Dolphins have doubts where the Cowboys have talent.

QB Brandon Weeden and Biletnikoff winner WR Justin Blackmon are the two most prominent names. But there is also safety Markelle Martin, and even, punter Quinn Sharp.

Just saying.

While nobody knows where Miami will be drafting (I will be releasing my preseason predictions throughout the weekend) it never hurts to know the Dolphins scouts are being diligent.

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