Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor Formally Appeals Five-Game Ban

By Shawn Etemadi

Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor has officially submitted an appeal to fight his five-game ban. Pryor was suspended for five games as a condition of allowing the former Ohio State quarterback to enter the Supplemental Draft on August 22.

Initially, Pryor said he would not appeal the suspension. Later on, he confirmed that he would do whatever was in the best interest of the Raiders organization, who have obviously recommended Pryor appeal.

The decision to suspend Pryor was solely Roger Goodell’s, and has recently been scrutinized by some NFL players. Charlie Batch, back-up quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is one player who has voiced his opposition to Goodell’s decision.

“He took it to another level when he said he was going to suspend Terrelle Pryor  for five games and he wasn’t even in the NFL last year. How can you do that? It’s not right. It’s not  right at all.”

“I told Terrelle what he should do. I am not going to tell you what I told him,  but I told him what he should do. Whatever the Raiders want him to  do, that is what they will do.”

Batch makes a very compelling argument. If Reggie Bush wasn’t suspended for any games after the NCAA forced him to give back his Heisman Trophy, why should Pryor be banned at all, let alone for five games?

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