Report: NFL Notifies All 32 Teams That Players Can Wear Red, White, and Blue Attire For 9/11 Tribute

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On Thursday, Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs made it clear that not even a possible fine from the NFL could stop him from displaying patriotic colors on Sunday to honor the victims of 9/11 after displaying the red, white, and blue gloves and cleats he planned on wearing for Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons on Twitter. Now, it appears Briggs and the rest of the players looking to pay tribute on Sunday can do so without worrying about a fine.

According to Michael David Smith of, the league informed all 32 teams on Friday that players would not be fined for wearing different colored gloves and cleats to honor the 10th anniversary of September 11. Nobody knew what to expect considering the league has been known for their being strict policy when it comes to allowing players to wear special attire during games and Briggs even stated it would be the “best fine” he would ever pay–making the assumption that he would automatically be hit with one.

Luckily, the league is making the right move here by looking past the strict rule for at least one day. Under these circumstances, the NFL would have lost a ton of respect from most of their fans if they even considered fines for players trying to pay tribute during Sunday’s games–so it’s good to see them make the right decision here.

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