Let's Get It On: Eagles Vs. Rams Prediction

By Frank Benditt III

Kick-off is scheduled for 1pm.  The Birds are a road favorite.  Many odds-makers have the Eagles as 41/2 to 5 point favorites.  OK, cool if you are an Eagle’s fan, but there is a caveat…….Many national experts are picking the Rams to win the game, outright.

It is well known the problems the Eagles have with their offensive line.  It is well known that there are many new faces on the squad this year.  It is well known that the Eagles revamped their coaching staff, less Andy Reid.  On top of that, the Birds are playing a team on the rise with a coach, Steve Spagnuolo, that knows the Eagle’s system well.

The Eagles are a work in progress.  That is a fact.  This team will get better as the season progresses.  This week, the Eagles are in enemy territory, holding a pencil instead of a pen.  The eraser may be used often.  The Eagles will still find a way to win the game.  Michael Vick will not let a loss happen.  I could be wrong.  Vick could end up in the locker room by halftime; not by being benched.

Prediction:  Eagles win 24-21.




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