The Chicago Bears are For Real

I’ll tell ya what. I was very tentative to pick the Chicago Bears to be any better than 9-7 this year. They’re up against a real tough schedule, and there were many question marks regarding their offensive line, secondary, playmaking ability on the wide outs- and the toughness of Jay Cutler.

I’m going to come out and say what a dope I was to assume the Bears might not be as good as they were last year. The Chicago Bears came out and DOMINATED one of the best teams in the NFC last year in every part of the game. From the offense to defense to special teams to coaching- the Chicago Bears are here to tell everyone they’re back and they’re not going to go away quietly. I don’t know if they’re good enough to beat the Packers out of the NFC title, but what I am going to say is that the Chicago Bears are going to be right there in every game assuming they stay healthy.

I was most impressed with the defense. They basically punched Matt Ryan in the mouth the entire day. Ryan wasn’t given time to drop back and utilize his deep threats. Michael Turner had a couple big runs but other than that- no real impact. When the Bears force turnovers- they’re dangerous. They did that today against a very good football team. Very good to see.

The play of Jay Cutler. I thought Jay Cutler was a lot more poised in the pocket today than he was last year. When he has time- he’s dangerous. He’s going to force some balls because that’s who Jay is. Brett Favre was a risk taker and it worked out well for him. What I liked most was watching Jay Cutler throw the ball away a few different times under pressure. If he can minimize mistakes especially in the red zone- Jay Cutler is going to be dangerous. The Bears are going to be dangerous.

Great start for the 1-0 Chicago Bears.

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  • John

    I have had no problem with Cutlers toughness, a QB that is sacked 56 times and keeps going back out there is tough. I like to see another QB in the same situation to compare. Didn’t the bears look good, no – they looked great. Admitingly, the bears deserve some criticism for last years o-line, but that was last year and what a difference a year makes. They faced a Falcons team that didn’t really change from last year, matter of fact they added a new threat, and the Bears put on an old fashion beat down. Granted it’s the first game but statements and attitudes can be made in the first game. I not one to shy away from things that I said either, I was very critical about some off the offseason moves we were making or not making. If the Bears keep playing the way they played the Falcons I will eat my words. Although I wasn’t as pessimistic about our record, I thought we would still end up 10-6, with a 2-1 record though the first 3

  • Victor

    Hey I was like you John. The thing is, I love this team so much and live and die with them thru thick and thin. I loved the beat down they gave the Falcons and no one gave them a chance. It would not surprise me if they do the same to the Saints. I am telling you I have a good feeling.

    When the Bears are being overlooked, not the faves they seem to play well.