Eric Berry Tears his ACL: Kansas City Chiefs Crushed at Home

By Living Baseball

What a bad day for the Kansas City Chiefs. I can’t believe that the Chiefs lost to the bills 41-7 at home to open the year, but to make matters worse? Safety Eric Berry lost for the year with a torn ACL. I have no idea how the Chiefs are going to replace a guy like Berry in the secondary- and that could spell doom right off the bat for Kansas City.

Everyone had the Chiefs coming this year strong- and frankly…I think everyone was disappointed in that performance. How can the Chiefs rebound? I mean- the first round pick got crushed in a fight with Thomas Jones and is out for awhile. Eric Berry is out for the year. Matt Cassell couldn’t get anything going. Jamaal Charles was bottled up at times. Dwayne Bowe was taken out of the game early and was a non factor. All this against…the Buffalo Bills? Yikes. I would not be pleased right now if I’m Coach Haley and frankly- it might be time already to push a little panic button. The Chargers are going to be good again this year- and after that performance? I don’t know if you’re any better than the Broncos and Raiders right now. What a terrible opening week.

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