Monday night football breakdown: Miami can shine

By chriswalsh

No better way to kick off the regular season than a nationally televised game against one of the league’s powerhouses of the past decade.

That is, unless, you have about 100 questions surrounding your team. Well, the Dolphins do.

From RB, where Larry Johnson was cut, then brought back, and at nearly every other position, the Dolphins will be answering questions tonight against the Patriots.

Can Reggie Bush be a feature back? He looked good in the preseason, and of course before he hit NFL fields, but he has some years on the treads now. Daniel Thomas isn’t ready yet, so Bush better be.

Can Chad Henne prove the world wrong? One of the best QB’s during the preseason, Henne still has a lot to prove. His career, and his head coach’s, ride on Henne coming out strong.

Will Brandon Marshall break through this year? He was great in Denver, but didn’t shine quite as bright last year. With Henne in survival mode, will B-Marsh get less looks, or more?

Is this the best Dolphins defense in decades? I have high praise for the unit, which features “Earthquake” Wake, but can they keep games close by themselves? The front seven should be one of the best units in the league, but the secondary has to finally show its worth all of those draft picks.

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