Rex Ryan Predicts Cowboys vs. Jets in Super Bowl XLVI

By Jeric Griffin

Following the Dallas Cowboys’ 27-24 loss to the New York Jets on Sunday night, Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan wasn’t happy. His defense played absolutely outstanding in his Dallas debut, but Ryan wanted desperately to win the contest against his twin brother, Jets head coach Rex Ryan. After the game, the Ryans met at midfield for the postgame handshake and Rex only said one simple thing to his brother: “See you in the Super Bowl.”

Rex Ryan has guaranteed that his Jets will win the Super Bowl for two years in a row now. They came up one game short of playing in the big game a year ago and are off to a shaky start in 2011. Therefore, one can’t assume New York’s head coach’s latest prediction will come to pass. Still, it has to make Cowboys fans utter a bittersweet smile and it sure makes for great press.

Rob Ryan responded to his brother’s consoling words with a confident forecast of his own.

“I’ll see you there,” Rob Ryan said.

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