Brian Urlacher's Mother Has Passed Away

By Riley Schmitt

On Monday, Brian Urlacher’s mother passed away in Arizona.  This is the reason that Urlacher has been absent from the Bears for the past couple of days.  Lavoyda Urlacher was just 51 years old, an age too young to be dying.  According to reports, she passed away from natural causes at her home.

This serves as a heavy reminder that there are more important things in life than football.  Family and the love that they bring will always overrule our selfish desire to see our teams win.  I hope that Urlacher takes as much time as he need to properly grieve.  Football should be the last thing on Urlacher’s mind.  Urlacher is one of the best middle linebackers in history and he credits much of his attitude to his mother.  I hope that Brian can come back this season and play at a high level in tribute to his mother.

I give my condolences to Urlacher and his entire family.  Death is a situation no family should face, especially at that young of an age.  Please give your thoughts and prayers to the Urlacher family during this trying time.

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