Charles Woodson Fined 10,000 Dollars for Throwing Punch on Thursday Night

By Riley Schmitt

This news was to be expected.  Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson has been fined 10,000 dollars by the NFL for throwing a punch on Thursday night against the Saints.  This incident occurred in the third quarter when Woodson became tangled with a Saints player.  Woodson tried to dislodge and ended up throwing a punch.  The act was penalized on the field, but Woodson was not ejected.

In the long run, this really doesn’t mean anything.  Woodson temporarily lost his cool in the heat of the moment.  The fine should serve as punishment enough.  I don’t see an incident like this happening again and Woodson will move on.  Right now, Woodson should be concentrating on locking down Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith on Sunday.

The link to the confirming Tweet is here.

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