Does Lovie Smith Have a Hit Out on Jay Cutler?

By Living Baseball

After watching the beating Jay Cutler took at the hands of the New Orleans Saints, I couldn’t believe how Lovie Smith allowed Cutler to stay in the game down 3 scores with 3 minutes left. I mean let’s forget about the fact the Bears clearly didn’t show up today and that’s real disappointing after the lobsided win at home against Atlanta- who beat the “dream team” Eagles tonight.

Jay Cutler dropped back to pass close to 50 times- and was on the turf around 26 times. The exact numbers don’t matter because it was just WAY too much. I was extremely critical of Jay Cutler when he left the Packers NFC title game last year until I found out that he did have a tear in his knee- and the coaching staff refused to play him. Jay Cutler is by far the toughest QB in football right now and frankly- he’s going to get killed.

The Bears blocking was 100% atrocious and frankly- they’re the worst offensive line in football and maybe the worst unit in all of professional sports. The Saints rushed at will- and on multiple occasions had free space to Cutler. Kellen Davis’s blocking abilities are hilariously bad. He’s getting paid to do what exactly? After watching the tape- this guy should be out of a job. Does he really call what he does blocking? I hope not because this guy would let a freshman high school linebacker through him.

With all that being said- this is on Lovie Smith. There is no reason for the line to be this bad- continuously. I mean- does Lovie want Cutler dead? Does he want Cutler to end up in the hospital? That’s what will happen eventually if this continues. When the game was out of hand- Lovie left Cutler in and might as well told the line to just snap the ball and run away from the charging Saints. I’m pretty sure Cutler dropped back 4 or 5 straight times only to take a malicious hit. I covered my eyes and said a prayer for Cutler because I didn’t think he was going to get up. I don’t know if I would have gotten up after the beating he took. If I were Jay Cutler? I probably would have pulled myself from the game out of fear of death. Good thing I’m not a quarterback but holy moly Lovie. What are you thinking? Leaving your franchise QB in like that? Shows why you’re not an elite coach. If you’re okay with your offensive line- you need to resign and head back to being a defensive coordinator.

Poor Cutler. Ice will be his best friend tonight.

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