Michael Vick Is Still the Old Michael Vick

By Living Baseball

When Michael Vick was knocked out of the game and on his way to the locker room, he was being taunted by his old fans in Atlanta. Instead of being a true professional and ignore the things being said to him- Vick had to respond in a way which makes him seem like the same person he was years ago. He pointed to the scoreboard with this smirk on his face.

In retrospect- this isn’t a big deal. A lot of stupid professional athletes can’t handle negativity from fans and respond in the only way they know how- defensive. But this is a big deal because it’s Michael Vick, and he’s demanded he live under the public microscope with his actions.

Michael Vick is still a self serving guy and I don’t buy the “I changed” theory. Sorry. His actions over and over again state that. Let me ask you this- when did Donovan McNabb do that? Peyton Manning? Tom Brady? Drew Brees? They don’t. They don’t need too. It’s called having class and being a professional athlete.

Hey Michael, if you don’t want to hear the stuff that was surely being said- maybe you should remember YOU were the one that decided to host dog fights. YOU were the one caught. YOU were the one sentenced. YOU were the one that blew a monster contract in Atlnata. YOU were the one that turned your back on the city that loved you from the start. Expect it. Deal with it. And stop being the guy everyone thinks you are. Have some humility- show some class.

Oh by the way- after the point? The Falcons went on a furious to run to win the game. Sorry “dream team.”


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