Michael Vick Is Still the Old Michael Vick

When Michael Vick was knocked out of the game and on his way to the locker room, he was being taunted by his old fans in Atlanta. Instead of being a true professional and ignore the things being said to him- Vick had to respond in a way which makes him seem like the same person he was years ago. He pointed to the scoreboard with this smirk on his face.

In retrospect- this isn’t a big deal. A lot of stupid professional athletes can’t handle negativity from fans and respond in the only way they know how- defensive. But this is a big deal because it’s Michael Vick, and he’s demanded he live under the public microscope with his actions.

Michael Vick is still a self serving guy and I don’t buy the “I changed” theory. Sorry. His actions over and over again state that. Let me ask you this- when did Donovan McNabb do that? Peyton Manning? Tom Brady? Drew Brees? They don’t. They don’t need too. It’s called having class and being a professional athlete.

Hey Michael, if you don’t want to hear the stuff that was surely being said- maybe you should remember YOU were the one that decided to host dog fights. YOU were the one caught. YOU were the one sentenced. YOU were the one that blew a monster contract in Atlnata. YOU were the one that turned your back on the city that loved you from the start. Expect it. Deal with it. And stop being the guy everyone thinks you are. Have some humility- show some class.

Oh by the way- after the point? The Falcons went on a furious to run to win the game. Sorry “dream team.”


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  • http://www.eaglescentral.com Bryn Swartz

    I’m pretty sure that ‘Atlnata’ is booing him because he is a member of the opposing team. If you hate Vick because of his past, that’s fine, but you got pretty sidetracked here. Bringing up the dog fighting stuff is completely irrelevant. And pointing at the scoreboard is immature? What world are we living in? I think it’s pretty obvious by your ‘argument’ that you would have gotten on Vick even if he did ignore the shouting.

    • Brett Rosin

      Im pretty sure that ‘Atlnata’ is booing him because he is a member of the opposing team”

      Really? You think that the Falcons fans forgot their all pro quarterback (who was supposed to lead the Falcons to the Super Bowl)ruined everything by going to prison? You think that they booed him like any other player? Please. Pretty naive.

      “If you hate Vick because of his past, that’s fine, but you got pretty sidetracked here. Bringing up the dog fighting stuff is completely irrelevant.”

      When did I say I hated Vick? I’d like to not have words put in my mouth seeing as I don’t “hate” anyone. All I did was call a spade…a spade. Vick is immature and unprofessional.

      “And pointing at the scoreboard is immature? What world are we living in?”

      It is immature and unprofessional. When does Brady do it? Manning? Mcnabb? Did Walter Peyton ever do that? When you’re a professional athlete- you’re held to higher standards. We live in a world where everyone needs to pump their chest and rub it in. Winning isn’t enough- you have to humiliate the opponent. That garbage takes away from what’s happening on the field.

      “I think it’s pretty obvious by your ‘argument’ that you would have gotten on Vick even if he did ignore the shouting.”

      I think it’s pretty obvious that my “argument” wouldn’t be an argument if Vick grew up and stopped acting like a child. I’ll take it one step farther and say- Vick is one of the best athletes in the history of the NFL- it doesn’t change the fact he’s a me first athlete that needs the attention. I would put 100 bucks on the line saying you wouldn’t even be defending him if he wasn’t an Eagle.

      • http://www.eaglescentral.com Bryn Swartz

        Well if the worst that Vick has done since he got out of prison is point to a scoreboard when he was knocked out of a game, I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job of showing that he has changed. In the past, he would have given the middle finger to the crowd. Now he points. His dog fighting past was immature and unprofessional. Pointing to the scoreboard? Not the end of the world.

        Besides, I could use the same argument for Peyton Manning. He threw his offensive line under the bus following the playoff loss to Pittsburgh in 2005. McNabb has publicly stated that he wants more playmakers on offense and insulted the Eagles for letting him go after 2009. And I’ve never heard of this Walter Peyton guy so I can’t comment on him.

        Every athlete has probably done something as bad as pointing at a scoreboard so I guess we’re just going to have to agree to disagree.

        • Brett Rosin

          His dogfighting was criminal- which is more important than unprofessional and immature…at least I’m pretty sure.
          You’ve never heard of Walter Payton? That’s a problem.

          If you think being a cheerleader for Vick is awesome even when acts like a 4 year old-typical.

          When a player doesn’t show class and professionalism- he deserves what’s coming to him- criticism. The fact he did it prior to the game ending as he was walking of the field injured- again.. Than the falcons coming back to win I thought was hilarious. Good for Vick though- he’s a real awesome guy and shows that time and time again.

          Keep in mind- I did say in retrospect this isn’t a big deal. Because it’s Michael Vick- your golden boy- he deserves the microscope he put himself under.

          But hey-
          Since he didn’t flip anyone off- he’s now a classy guy.

        • Brett Rosin

          All appologies for the choppiness- not easy is iphone

  • Dez

    Wow this was a eye opening article you sit back from your iphone and right all this none sense and call a player immature for pointing at a score bored are you serious have you ever played ball that’s one of the classy things you can do all he did was remind the people yelling at him that the eagles where winning the game and all of sudden he the same vick he was in atlanta people like you are funny cause no matter what he does it will never be enough. And how is what has he done that was unprofessional…. unprofessional to me is opting to get a surgery that you know is going to make you miss some of the regular season(petyon manning) unprofessional to me looking up to the official and crying for a flag after a defender lands next to your leg (tom brady)unprofessional to me is not knowing you teams playbook at the midpoint of the season (mcnabb)and as far as walter petyon do know he didnt do it… so dont assume he didn’t do it if the camera hadnt been focused on vick you would never known he did that the media today catching everything back then who knows
    finally you say that you dont hate mike vick the tone in article tells me and all the rest of the free world that you do hate mick vick your article as a terrible sense of anger about vick so while you might say you dont your own words are saying different shame on you in the future you should right about things you know about because you dont have clue about what you are talking about in this article.

  • Brett Rosin

    You lost me at unprofessional is having surgery when your injured. So I more or less stopped reading. If you think that’s neon unprofessional- there’s not much of a counter argument I can make outside of that’s crazy.E



    • Brett Rosin

      If the Shoe Fits….

      Gotta love Philly fans.

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