Forbes Magazine: New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez Named The Most Overpaid Player in the NFL.

By Robert D. Cobb

While New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is not in the same class as Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts or even Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, Sanchez is certainly getting paid like them—actually getting paid more than them as the third-year signal caller from Southern California is slated to make a salary of $14.75 million dollars in 2011.

Because of that, Forbes Magazine just recently named Sanchez the most over-paid player in the NFL.

Brady, Manning and Brees have a combined five Super Bowl rings compared to Sanchez’s zero, and have appeared in more combined conference championship games—with ten, five by Brady, three by Manning and two by Brees—to Sanchez’s two.

Since being acquired in the 2009 NFL Draft—via trade with the Cleveland Browns— Sanchez’s record as a NFL starter in the regular season is a impressive 29-12 and 4-2 in post-season.  Sanchez’s has four playoff wins—all on the road—his 0-2 record in the AFC Championship Game is one reason why his $14.75 million dollar salary may be less than justified.

The main reason why Sanchez is over-paid is his career accuracy of 55.1% of and sub-par QB rating of 71.4 in a “passing league” is less than acceptable.

For all of his talent and potential, Sanchez’s penchant to date Hollywood actresses and pose in men’s fashion magazines such as GQ, makes you question if New York’s $14.75 million dollar investment in Sanchez is sound.

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