Forbes Magazine: New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez Named The Most Overpaid Player in the NFL.

While New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is not in the same class as Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts or even Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, Sanchez is certainly getting paid like them—actually getting paid more than them as the third-year signal caller from Southern California is slated to make a salary of $14.75 million dollars in 2011.

Because of that, Forbes Magazine just recently named Sanchez the most over-paid player in the NFL.

Brady, Manning and Brees have a combined five Super Bowl rings compared to Sanchez’s zero, and have appeared in more combined conference championship games—with ten, five by Brady, three by Manning and two by Brees—to Sanchez’s two.

Since being acquired in the 2009 NFL Draft—via trade with the Cleveland Browns— Sanchez’s record as a NFL starter in the regular season is a impressive 29-12 and 4-2 in post-season.  Sanchez’s has four playoff wins—all on the road—his 0-2 record in the AFC Championship Game is one reason why his $14.75 million dollar salary may be less than justified.

The main reason why Sanchez is over-paid is his career accuracy of 55.1% of and sub-par QB rating of 71.4 in a “passing league” is less than acceptable.

For all of his talent and potential, Sanchez’s penchant to date Hollywood actresses and pose in men’s fashion magazines such as GQ, makes you question if New York’s $14.75 million dollar investment in Sanchez is sound.

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  • Larry

    Hell they are all overpaid in my opinion, a lot of them more than others.These fine tuned pro’s chose this career,so let’s not break the bank with these ridiculous salary’s.If they don’t want to play for what is a fair pay, then Quit.My opinion,let’s start sticking our hand’s in these so called Agent’s pockets.

    • rghere

      Some are worth the money, some aren’t. but then with the Jets…..if they will keeep an a-hole like Rex Ryan around, they will do anything, stupid or not!

      • jim k

        Hey rg, You hate rex because he`s a winner! Who`s your coach a-hole!

    • Steve

      Get a life. They get paid because someone is willing to pay them and it is a profitable proposition. If someone was willing to pay you $14MM to park cars, or whatever other job you call a profession, I am sure you wouldn’t be saying “let’s pick the pocket of the guy who negotiated my deal.” Free enterprise.

    • LukE

      Larry, when 70k people pack a stadium to watch you work, and millions more tune in every Sunday to watch you work on tv, and when your boss is making billions off of these people who follow your every move, then you too will take $14M and cash that check. But the sad truth is that you are probably a 9-5 guy who does the minimum he needs to do for his check and has no ambition.

  • AfroLegend

    He took his team to 2 championship games in his first 2 seasons. None of the other QBs you list can say the same thing. Just because it took them years to get there does not mean he is over paid. So if you want to compare apples to apples, look at the first 2 seasons of Brady, Manning and Brees, benched or not!

    • GoonSquad87

      Saying sanchez took his teams to the title is a bit absurd.The defense did, Sanchez numbers are not impressive. If you take Manning or Brees then they wont win anything, look at colts without him right now. Saints were below average team before Brees came there. Brady was lucky to have had Drew Bledsoe injured because with out him injured he never would have gotten playing time.

      • realist

        bottom line… 2 years in the league… 2 afc championship trips, on the road i might add. Any other team and everyone would say that the “QB” is the most important person on the field, but just because the jets have confidence and display it, everyone hates on them and try to say their “defense” carried them? Last i checked u need someone to throw the ball to score points right? look at ben roth… he won a superbowl in his first year and check his stats, hes no tom brady, yet hes considered one of the better qbs in the leage? … ur gonna tell me that the steelers D didnt take him to the promise land? how come nobody talks about him… in my opinion… roth is no better than sanchez… put sanchez on that 06 steelers team and you will have the same results. give credit when credits due… no other qb in the HISTORY of NFL football has ever made it to 2 league championships in their first 2 years… this article should have been written 5 years in the future. But by then, sanchez will have a ring and everyone will be on that J-E-T-S bandwagon…

        • BigDawg

          The defense does carry Sanchez. He is no Big Ben. Ben has guts, can improvise, has a good arm and can keep plays alive with his feet. The defense carried him against Seattle, but Ben played his tail off in the SB against Arizona. To say Sanchez is just as good as Ben just shows you’re truly blinded by your Jetmania.

          • lorenzo

            Are yall serious Im not one to hate on anyones team and Im not right now the jets have been great on the defensive side sanchez is horrible,terrible,and shouldnt be a starter,the most over paid player in the history of sports.If the jets had a average Defense we wouldnt even know his name his skills dont even rank him in the top 20 quarterbacks he is sorry his defense has saved his ass 2 years in a row with him making almost 15 million a year he needs to deliver.

      • GARY

        I agree-last time I looked there were 53 men on the roster, and 11 on the field for most plays on each side of the ball. I hear so much crap about ‘leadership’ from the media…what a bunch of BS. There so many leaders per the media…each coach, signal callers, coordinators, this player or that player; if so many leaders, who is left to be a follower? There can only be one effective leader. With Ryan around, who do you think he would allow to lead him? Not even the guy with the checkbook.
        Look, these players are paid well to do their job, some too well. When Sanchez is on he is very good. If the other side of him is on the field, he looks very bad. When he calls the play sent in to him, he FOLLOWS the design of the play. He executes well; that doesn’t make him a leader. When he is having a lousy day as he has had many times, who is following his leadership then?
        Some are motivational inspiring-if there is such a thing at this level. If someone is making even the league minimum, and that is how many times greater than the average wage of someone watching the game[?], why would they need motivation? Isn’t their salary supposed to do that?

    • Emmanuel

      I Know, All of the QB named here have been playing for more than 10 years while Sanchez has 2. How can you compare them by the rings they have?

      • Dolly McFin

        Its a comparison of resume’ to compensation. he doesnt have near the resume’ they all have compared to what he is being paid.

    • notabanana

      he didnt take them to the playoffs the defense did…

    • jersey Joe

      afrolegend go back and research Grady was in year 2 2001 when he became the starter in his second year and took the Pats to the SB and won it. NICE TRY DO SOME RESEARCH next time. sanchez is overpaid and can’t be even mentioned with the QB’s you listed or even with a few more. He is average at best and average does not deserve that type of pay.

      • JStyx

        Well, at least he is playing, which is more than I can say for Manning drawing all those dollars sitting on his butt…

    • Jersey Joe

      Get a clue Brady won the Sb in Year 2. NICE TRY THOUGH. And yes Sanchez os overpaid for being average

    • riverman

      In Brady’s 2nd season he replaced an injured Bledsoe and took the Patriots to the Super Bowl and beat the Rams 20-17…

    • Sam

      actually joe flacco took his team to the playoffs and won a game 3 years straight even though he had no good WR’s that could stretch the field until boldin came and now lee evans

  • art castaneda

    okay so he is not brady or manning or brees and they have super bowl rings
    and he doesnt but had they been to the confrence championship twice after 2 years in the league his young and has played like a pro in the playoff, and who offered him the money did he say oh I wont play unless you give me 14 million dont think so (MARK YOUR DOING GREAT KEEP IT UP) and if they want to give you more money, commercials, or whatever good for you.

  • Sports-Glory

    I didnt know Forbes knew so much about football.

  • Jimmy

    While I agree that Sanchez sucks and is overpaid, how is it fair to compare his career accomplishments (in only 3 years) with the COMBINED accomplishments of the 3 best QB’s in the league? He’s not making more money than those 3 combined so I don’t understand the comparison. As far as winning rings, Manning & Brees only have one each, and they sure as hell didn’t win them inside of their first 3 seasons. And Brees has reached exactly as many conference championships as Sanchez. When presented in this context, he doesn’t sound so overpaid.

    And Larry, they are playing for fair pay. Fair pay for them happens to be this amount of money. You’ll never make as much money as an NFL player because you’ll never be worth that to any company. Get over it.

  • Ronnnn

    You cant compare nthe others first two season to this d00sh because Brady and Manning wernt making 14 mil per like this d00sh is making, so quit being a d0osh

    • Floyd Pinkerton

      Uhhhh.. what was that incoherent babble Ronnnnn? Jimmy makes perfect sense buddy, you on the other hand have an IQ hovering around room temperature.

  • Colleen805

    All you haters are just jealous of Mark Sanchez because he is young and good looking. I think Peyton Manning is a great qb, Drew Brees was given that Super Bowl and I have no comment on Tom Brady and the Patriots!!! Mark is doing well and Rex Ryan knows what he is doing!

    • Terry

      Brees was given the superbowl? By whom? The Football Gods? The interception by Porter along with awesome arm of Brees, combined with the 100% effort of the entire team (not to mention the defense calls of Greg Williams and Sean Peyton’s superb play calling)won that game!!! (That and the prayers of every Who Dat!!!

  • shmuggy

    Two AFC Championship games in his first two years, 4 road playoff wins?…..Overpaid?
    It’s a “hate NY thing”….Actually Derek Jeter was considered overrated, and over paid, and he’s a future Hall of Famer.
    Screw these polls!

    • realist

      its def a “hate NY” thing… anyone who says sanchez sucks clearly doesn’t have an athletic bone or braincell in their body. I still cant figure out how people can say he sucks when he made the AFC champ in his first 2 years… i mean… thats just ignorant… get a clue ppl… and get with the program… stats are for losers… look at big ben… hes not a good QB… but he knows how to win, and when… just like MARK. Its called having that edge… and some just dont have it. Brady and Manning are the best qb’s ive seen in my lifetime, yet, where were they in the playoffs? o yea, now its coming to me.. got beat by the over paid “DOOSH”

  • Melissa

    I think they are all overpaid and by the way, is a rookie wage scale being added to the new CBA. They need to lower all of their salaries. Also a QB is not worth more than any other position on a football team. In my eyes, it takes more than one player to win a game.

  • underwatercartooncat

    “So if you want to compare apples to apples, look at the first 2 seasons of Brady, Manning and Brees, benched or not!”

    As for Brady: he had the rookie minimum during his first 2 years(2000, 2001). He was 4th string QB in his first year, became the backup QB at the start of the 2001 season and started from the 3rd game. So he won the SB in his second. For the lowest possible salary. Got a new contract after that. (And led the NFL in TDs in his 3rd year BTW)

    And he actually appeared in 5 AFC championship games, not 4 as the article says. 2001, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007. Considering he actually played 9 seasons as starter quiet impressive if you asked me.

  • pizzle

    He’s not really getting paid 14.5 million this year, idiot. It’s part of his rookie contract, which was standard for its time. Money gets shifted around from year to year in the NFL. If you want his true salary, look at his average annual pay. Know a little something about what you’re writing about before you spout your uninformed and ignorant opinions. Idiot. You’re an embarrassment to Forbes.

    • realist

      well put… well put.

  • kwas

    He may be overpaid but he is not the most overpaid. Besides, he brings in the $. You want to talk about over paid. How about Albert Haynesworth. 100+ million and he can’t even pass the team phisical every year.

  • Gusg

    Don’t hate! Jets owner thinks he is worth it since he pays him. And that is the only one that matters.

  • mike

    I like the comment “…Sanchez’s penchant to date Hollywood actresses and pose in men’s fashion magazines such as GQ, makes you question if New York’s $14.75 million dollar investment in Sanchez is sound.” Unless he’s being deliberately ironic I suggest the writer Google “Joe Namath”. (And I’m a Giants fan for the record!)

  • Tosp

    The most overpaid person is the one that made this argument. Could he be overpaid? Sure. But to compare 5 Super bowl rings and all that nonsense is just stupid. The guy has been in the league only two seasons so how in the world can he have 5 Superbowls? Idiot.

  • jerzdevil910

    I do agree that all professional athletes are overpaid to play a game, but football players are probably are the most deserving of their paychecks because they literally risk their lives and health on the gridiron. Mark Sanchez is not overpaid! Give the young man some credit, no he does not put big numbers and makes a lot of mistakes, but he’s been within one half of taking the Jets to the SB twice. If the Jets can put together a whole game they’ll get back to the big game. In 40 years the Jets have only been in the AFC championship 4 times since winning SB III and Sanchez has gotten them there in his 1st two years. I think he deserves his salary, not everyone can play in NY. The media attention is HELL. Sanchez’s college coach Pete Carroll said that he was not ready to enter the NFL after just playing one full year of college ball at USC. I bet Pete Carroll would love the have Sanchez as the Seahawks starting QB now! This should be just be his rookie year in the NFL. He’s ahead of the game!

  • Jonny Ringworm

    Sanchez isn’t even as good as Matt Stafford (when healthy) of the Lions, let alone Brady, Manning, Brees, or Rodgers. The Jets are a good team inspite of having a subpar qb.

  • zeke

    Strange…I just finished reading an article which mentioned that both Peyton and Brady make 18 mil. a year. Buy this guy a calculator, because he said that Sanchez makes more than those guys, at 14.5 mil. a year. Maybe it’s the new math……

  • john

    uh they are 2-0 dipshit

  • Mike

    ok I am a huge jet fan so I wll tell it to you straight as I do think Sanchez is an average QB he has gotten his team to the afc champ game twice in his first 2. Football is the ultimate team sport. If you want to say the defense got Sanchez there then you would have to say that the patriots defense won Tom Brady his first superbowl. Everyone go do there research. In his second season Brady only had 1 more TD then Sanchez did in his 2nd season and 1 less int Brady also threw for less yards. You can’t compare the 2 two QBs right now. You would also have to say the same thing about ben rothlisberger he has a top defense every year You also can’t compare salaries. Salaries were getting out of hand over the last few years. These kids were getting paid some of the highest salaries without playing a snap. If you want to say sanchez is overpaid then thats fine but the reason they gave in this article make no sense.

  • Keith

    Wow you guys are retarded how many QB’s have went to the AFC Champ game back to in their first 2 seasons. The only one I can think of is big ben. STOP HATING & GET A LIFE! And if your going to compare him to the 3 best QBs playing right now compare what they were doing there first 2 years in the NFL and add those numbers up yea any of those playoff wins in the first 2 years

  • Joshua Casey

    Mark Sanchez is clearly overrated and any Jets fan who doesn’t see that by now is a moron, sorry. Sanchez sucks as he has shown especially today against the Giants. He holds onto the ball way too long, now he may not have a lot of time because of his equally horrible offensive line but he needs to get rid of the ball. P.S- I am not a Jets fan.