Tony Romo Fires Back at DeAngelo Hall; Cowboys QB Set for Big Game Against Redskins

By Jeric Griffin

This week’s Monday night football matchup is beginning to heat up. First, Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall said he was going to target Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo’s broken rib. Now, the Dallas gunslinger is firing back. The glory of this is showdown will highly depend on the guts shown, especially for Dallas.

The Cowboys will be fighting through injuries on Monday night as several offensive and defensive starters are questionable for the contest, including Romo. However, Dallas’s signal caller is confident he’ll play and he’s taking shots back at his opponents. 

“I mean, that’s what people do,” Romo said. “If they’re able to get a clean shot on my ribs consistently throughout the game, then we’re probably not doing that well anyway. I’m sure we’ll target whoever’s targeting my ribs in the passing game. If he’s blitzing, that means he’s not covering. So we’ll attack whoever is covering his guy.”

Romo’s not a guy to say anything heated, so this is pretty forward for him. As ESPN Dallas’s Tim McMahon put it: “Romo is too politically correct to point out that the next vicious hit deliverred by Hall would be the first of the finesse cornerback’s career.”

You can bet if Hall is blitzing, he won’t get a shot at Romo thanks to the Cowboys’ excellent blitz pickup by running backs Felix Jones, Tashard Choice and DeMarco Murray. Even if Hall does get a chance to hit Romo, it won’t be anything to worry about. Like McMahon said, Hall has never delivered a big hit in his life, so don’t expect him to suddenly become a hard-nose defender this week.

You also have to love Romo’s confidence. The man is playing with a cracked rib and a recently “healed” punctured lung, but he’s taking a shot at a defender who said he will deliberately try to hurt Romo. The Cowboys’ quarterback is currently fifth in the NFL with 687 passing yards and four touchdowns. The Redskins’ pass defense is currently ranked 17th in the NFL, but that’s with games against the Cardinals and Giants. Expect a big game for Romo despite the rib and lung. Oh, and expect Hall to suddenly disappear from the media after the game.

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