After Sunday's Win Over the Eagles, Jason Pierre-Paul Claims NFL Sack Lead

By Jeff Shull

One thing that has gone relatively unnoticed outside of New York and New Jersey is that the Giants have seen the emergence of the next great pass rusher in the NFL. Allow me to channel my inner Jim Rome.

Jason Pierre-Freaking-Paul.

After his incredible nine tackle, two sack performance against the Eagles, JPP has taken the NFL lead in sacks with 4.5. If he keeps up his current pace—which he likely won’t because sacks are so random—he’ll have 24 sacks, surpassing Michael Strahan’s record of 22.5.

Oh, and some guy named Osi Umenyiora is coming back. That might hurt his chances of keeping up the pace. Might being the operative word considering the Giants rotate their defensive lineman.

For now though, it’s quite clear the Giants are being vindicated for their 2010 first round selection. Most wanted the Giants to grab a middle linebacker, but they showed faith in Jonathan Goff and went with yet another defensive end.

It definitely has worked out for them this year. Although Goff is out for the season, JPP has been a monster. On one play the Eagles actually TRIPLE teamed him, only to see him still put a hit on Michael Vick.

(About that whole middle linebacker thing, they got Greg Jones this year, who’s looked way better than anyone thought he could be)

JPP is the perfect blend of power and speed, and should earn a lot of trips to Hawaii in the future.


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