Andy Reid and Eagles Players: Start Doing a Better Job

By Frank Benditt III

Andy Reid has been livid in his post-game press conferences.    The old, “Myself and the coaches got to do a better job” is wearing paper thin.  It is gut check time for Andy Reid, the entire coaching staff and the players.  Face it, this team has a lot of self analyzing to do.  After three weeks, the Birds are 1-2.  Their $100 million quarterback cannot stay healthy.  Their defense stinks.  Why?  Many reasons, starting with head coach Andy Reid.

The Eagles have enough pro bowl talent on their roster to be a contending NFL team.  Did these player’s talents go south in the middle of the night?  No.  Having so many new members on the team, coaches are responsible to get everyone on the same page.  It is called coaching, plain and simple.

The players need to man up at this point.  Everyone in that locker room needs to stop relying on Michael Vick so much and focus on their responsibilities.  Bottom line.  If that means having a players only meeting or whatever the heck they call it, then so be it.

The expectations for the Eagles were set from the beginning.  Win the division.  Get home field advantage.  Win two playoff games.  Enter the Super Bowl representing the NFC.  Ownership has already stated that nothing less is failure.

There are no more excuses.  There are no more losses to inferior teams.  There is no more wiggle room.  Every player needs to take a hard look in the mirror.  If you don’t like what you see, listen to Michael Jackson………..,”take a look at yourself and make a change”.



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