Are Michael Vick's Injury Problems Becoming Ridiculous for the Philadelphia Eagles?

By Bryn Swartz

It’s no secret that the playing style of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick leaves him extremely prone to injuries. He takes at least a dozen hits in every game, a number of which cause his head to slam into the turf.

He broke his right hand–his non-throwing hand–when New York Giants defensive end Chris Canty’s helmet slammed into Vick after he threw a pass. He failed to finish the game against the Giants, which the Eagles lost.

Early reports indicate that Vick won’t play against the San Francisco 49ers next week, and I personally would be surprised if he played before the bye week.

Last week, he suffered a concussion when he was awkwardly slammed into the back of right tackle Todd Herremans. He failed to finish the game against the Atlanta Falcons, which the Eagles lost.

Last season, he was hurt twice. He sustained a rib cartilage injury against the Washington Redskins in week four, which caused him to miss three games. And he suffered a thigh injury against the Minnesota Vikings in week 16 and probably wouldn’t have been able to play in week 17 if the Eagles hadn’t rested their starters.

That’s four injuries in a little over a year.

I understand that not all of them are because of his style of play. But there’s always something. There’s always going to be a reason that Michael Vick gets injured.

I don’t believe that Vick will ever be able to play a full season again without getting injured. 16 games? Not possible, especially with his age and style of playing. I think he’ll play 12 or 13 games this season, but I also don’t think this will be the last time that he gets hurt.

And I’m getting pretty frustrated by it.

I am tired of watching every game and just praying that Vick doesn’t go down with an injury. I’m tired of him having to be helped to his feet by his teammates, opposing players, and even referees.

I’m not saying that I want another quarterback. I don’t. Vick is the guy best suited to win games for the Eagles.

I just wish there was another way because, admit it or not, Vick’s injury problems are becoming ridiculous. They really are.

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