Bucs Close To A Sellout For First Time In 14 Games

By Joshua Casey

On Tuesday the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that there are still 2,000 tickets available for Monday night’s game against the Indianapolis Colts. 2,000 tickets may seem like a lot but for the Bucs, but at this point in the week it is farther along then they have been in the past 14 games. If the Bucs can manage to sell those 2,000 tickets by 8:30 P.M Friday then it will end a 14 game streak of Bucs games being blacked out on local television, which also includes the preseason.

Monday night’s game is only the second time ever that the Colts will visit the Bucs, the last of which being on Monday night also, and in the Colts most recent visit they rallied from a 21 point deficit to get the win. Except this time around the Colts won’t have their most important player, #18, so the Colts will certainly find it harder than usual to win in Tampa.

This will also be the first time that the Buccaneers will play in a nationally televised game in nearly three years. The Bucs most recent Monday night outing against the Carolina Panthers resulted in a 38-23 loss. Monday night won’t be the last time the Bucs will be playing on a big time stage, on Saturday December 17th the Bucs will play host to the Dallas Cowboys in a game aired on NFL Network. The Bucs Cowboys game will most likely be the second sellout for the season considering the fact that America’s Team will be in town.


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