Jack Del Rio Throws Offensive Coordinator Under The Bus

By Joey Farbo

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio is up to his old tricks again in the wake of Sunday’s 16-10 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

This time Del Rio is throwing offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter under the bus as he continues his tendency to pass the blame off on his subordinates.

On Sunday immediately following the game Del Rio said:

“Obviously you’re adjusting some of the things that you do based on that kind of weather. That’s just what you do. I thought we adjusted well. It did get adjusted as it should.”

In the immediate aftermath Del Rio stood up for Koetter’s offensive play calling, which many in the media came out and called overly conservative.

Obviously the media had an effect on how Del Rio felt about the Jaguars offensive game plan because during his Monday press conference he said this:

“I’m not sure what caused us to be as conservative as we were. Offensively, I thought we were a little too conservative, quite frankly. I think the combination of the weather and our ability to run, them missing two linebackers and obviously Blaine’s first start may have contributed to that, but it really wasn’t the kind of look I’d like us to have. I thought we were a little too conservative and I’d like us to see us increase our aggressiveness in attacking defenses and attacking scheme and attacking personnel and going after them. We’ll discuss that as a staff, but I think that was apparent in looking at the ballgame. We did some things well. We just didn’t do enough things well to win and like I said, primarily a lot of missed opportunities, really game-changing type plays that were there to be made that we didn’t make…”

Wait what?

So let me get this straight, less than 24-hours after saying you thought Dirk Koetter adjusted the offensive strategy well given the poor weather you do a complete flip flop and say his game plan was “a little too conservative.”

The last time I checked Del Rio was the head coach of the Jaguars and if he truly felt in the moment that his team was playing too conservative on offense he could tell his offensive staff to open it up. I would think Koetter would listen to his boss.

At this point it has become obvious that Del Rio is willing to say whatever he can to make sure the blame does not fall on him when his team loses. If he continues to throw people under the bus it will only be a matter of time before he loses the locker room and the players and coaches lose interest in working hard for a coach that ultimately doesn’t have their back.

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