Jeremy Maclin is Clearly the Eagles Number One Receiver

By Frank Benditt III

DeSean Jackson is the Eagles big name wide receiver that gets all the national attention.  Jackson’s brash attitude and blazing speed makes great T.V.  DeSean has more 40+ tds than any other player in the NFL the last three years.  He has made two pro bowls and is still waiting on the Eagles to give him a big contract.  There is a good reason for that:  Jackson is not the complete receiver that Jeremy Maclin is.  Maclin provides more range and toughness than his counterpart, DeSean Jackson.

Jeremy Maclin is the go to guy for Michael Vick.  Let us compare the two starting Eagles wide receivers.  Everyone knows about DeSean Jackson’s speed.  He ran a 4.35 forty at the NFL combine.  Maclin ran a 4.45 forty, still fast enough to beat most cornerbacks in the NFL.

Maclin is the bigger, stronger player.  He is listed at 6′ 198 lbs compared to DeSean who is generously listed at 5,10′ 175lbs.  This size enables Maclin to play more physical.  He is able to run patterns that coaches would not scheme for Jackson.  As a result, Maclin simply catches more balls in the course of a season.

Maclin is a better route runner that DeSean.  By all accounts, Jeremy is more precise and his breaks are more crisp.  Quarterbacks love this attribute.  Do not take me wrong, DeSean runs decent routes, just not at the level of Maclin.

I believe Maclin’s hands are better than Jacksons.  Aside the huge drop at the end of the Atlanta game, Maclin is sure handed.  Jackson has had problems with drops, not just this season.

Maclin is a better down the field blocker than DeSean.  This attribute helps out the running game immensely, especially with a back like LeSean McCoy who gets into the second and third levels often.

Maclin catches more touchdown passes.  Last year Maclin compiled 70 catches, 964 yds and ten tds, compared to Jackson’s 47 catches, 1056 yds and six tds.  DeSean does stretch the field, but I feel Maclin would have success on his own.

With DeSean wanting his money, the Eagles have a quandary.  Who should they give the big bucks to?  I would lock in Maclin, who has proven to be a stud for the Eagles.  It is the safest bet.



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