Report: NFL Will Not Fine Michael Vick For His Comments About Officiating

By Riley Schmitt

Michael Vick has been in the news a lot lately.  He’s been battered and bruised the last couple of games and he let the world know about it.  After being knocked out of Sunday’s game with a bruised right hand, Vick took aim at the NFL officials.  Vick complained that he wasn’t receiving the respect that other QB’s received.  Vick pretty much whined about the lack of roughing the passer calls that he received.  Luckily for Vick, Roger Goodell has decided to be lenient and not fine Vick for his comments deriding the officiating.

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Turns out Vick was way off base with his comments.  I believe the Eages have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of roughing the passer calls over the last couple of years.  Maybe Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees should be the ones complaining about the lack of respect the referees give them.

Looks like the New York Post may have been right.  Vick just might be a big baby.  Suck it up, Mike.  It’s football.  The hits that the Giants put on you were legal.  Although the league is trying to prevent injuries, it’s not going to protect the quarterback every time he gets hit.  Looks it’s time for you to focus on your play.  Otherwise, the Eagles might end up on the outside looking in at the playoffs this year.

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