Tosh: Dolphins QB situation "sickening"

By chriswalsh

Have to admit, it is fun to see the few rare celebs that aren’t Red Sox or Yankees fans, but rather, fans of the Miami Dolphins.

Daniel Tosh has showed his support since the early days of Tosh.O, when he enjoyed ripping all that is Nick Saban. In last night’s episode he was at it again, all while wearing a Hurricanes t-shirt.

Tosh echoed mine and many other Dolphins’ fans feelings when he wondered if a man puking from a hangover was actually flying over Joe Robbie, Pro Player, Dolphins Stadium, Land Shark, Sun Life Stadium.

The reason for the release – the QB play in Miami. It’s hard to argue with.

Chad Henne looked decent through about 35 minutes of the season opener with the Pats. Yes, the numbers were big, but in a sign of things to come, multiple deep trips inside New England territory were killed.

Against the Texans – same thing. Last Sunday against the Browns – same thing.

The trading deadline is coming up and if Miami doesn’t want to be included in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes, it’s time to act now. Henne can not get it done.

The ‘Fins are 0-3, Sparano is on the hot seat and the O is again nowhere to be seen. A change needs to happen asap.

Up next is the Chargers, then there is a Monday night game against the Jets down the road. Things could get very ugly, very fast.

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