Taylor: Henne more talented than Sanchez

By chriswalsh

Yep, Jason Taylor was sticking up for his QB this week. Talking about Mark Sanchez, Taylor said to NBC Miami, “I don’t think he’s as talented as Chad Henne.”

This coming nearly a year after Taylor said that Sanchez is his QB, while they were teammates.

I get the sticking up for your teammate thing. I don’t think Sanchez is all that great yet either.

But the youngster has enjoyed a couple of late-running seasons, unlike Henne.

But let’s face it, through three weeks it’s hard to find a QB that Henne is better than. Seriously, ask yourself this question: Would you rather have Henne than…..

1. Sanchez

2. Rex Grossman

3. Kyle Orton

4. Tim Tebow

5. Matt Hasselback

6. Tavaris Jackson

7. Alex Smith

8. Kerry Collins

9. Jason Campbell

10. Matt Moore

Henne is playing at the level of a bottom-10 QB in the NFL right now. Actually, he did last year too, but showed signs at times. There has not been one point through three games where I was confident of Miami scoring inside the redzone.

Then at the end of the game – with CBS showing that Miami needed just six yards to get into possible Dan Carpenter field goal range – this happened.

First down-incompletion. Second down-incompletion. Third down-incompletion. Fourth down-interception.

Against the Cleveland Browns. With plenty of time. He may not be the only problem (looking at you Miami secondary) but he is the most glaring.

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