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NFL Philadelphia Eagles

Over/Under: Can Michael Vick Survive Four Quarters?

This is the million dollar question.  I mean, the $100 million question.  Michael Vick has a huge bulls-eye on his back…more than ever.  Vick brought that upon himself after he went public complaining about the hard hits he was taking each week.

Michael Vick has not finished the last two games.  Against the Atlanta Falcons, Vick left the game due to a concussion.  Later, the Eagles almost recanted the concussion report by saying it was just a mild one.  The organization wanted Vick to play the following week against the Giants.  Vick wore a special Kevlar plate in his helmet as a precaution.  It did not help.  Vick appeared woozy during the game after absorbing some punishing hits.  He later left the game due to a non-throwing hand injury.  At first, the Eagles reported that Vick broke his right hand.  Whoops.  Apparently, the injury was not verified properly by the Eagles.  Why?  No one knows.  The Eagles released a statement that Michael Vick suffered a deep hand contusion.

The Eagles have been laughable concerning their handling of Vick.  I feel like I am watching a scene from Mighty Python’s ‘The Holy Grail’……”bring out your dead…..wait, I’m not dead……he’ll be dead soon”.  Seriously, the Birds need to take the necessary precautions to protect Vick.

How about three step drops?  How about running more screens?  The Eagles need to develop a short/intermediate pass game if Vick is to survive.  Eagles running back, LeSean McCoy, should factor largely in the game plan.  The 49ers are stingy against the run.  The key is to stick with it during the course of the game.

I have said Michael Vick needs to be in the shotgun on all pass plays.  Just for vision alone.  Michael must understand that throwing the ball away can be good sometimes.  Every play is not do or die.  Vick needs to stop hanging on to the ball so long.  That is when he is taking the worst hits.

If I was a betting man, I probably would be leaning towards the under.  Vick has always had durability issues.  By the way, has anyone seen Vince Young?