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Terrell Owens Will Travel to London to Participate in Events Leading Up Buccaneers-Bears Game

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Heading into Week 4, Terrell Owens has yet to sign with an NFL team–even though he seemed determined to find a new home by now considering he would be “fully recovered” from his ACL injury. Since he’s still unemployed, the former Cincinnati Bengals wideout has decided to take on a part-time gig and head to London to help promote the October 23 game between the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Owens will participate in numerous activities throughout the weekend–including an appearance of a special showing of the hit movie “Jerry Maguire” on Friday night. Owens will also take part in the NFL Fan Rally event in Trafalgar Square with about 30,000 fans on Saturday along with a huge Tailgate Party before the Bears-Bucs game on Sunday with about 45,000 fans.

By agreeing to participate in these events, it’s difficult not to wonder if Owens is assuming he won’t be with a new team before Week 7–which could be a sign that he’s still not fully recovered. He may not be with a team yet, but at least Owens is doing what he can to still be part of the NFL–even if it doesn’t involve him actually being on the field.

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