Brett Favre Takes Shots at Aaron Rodgers in Radio Interview

Oh Brett Favre.  It was so good not having to hear about you all over ESPN.   Packers fans have moved on from the end of your career and are now immersed in the Aaron Rodgers era.  Favre had a radio interview in Atlanta and had some interesting things to say.

“He just kind of fell into a good situation.”  “The talent around him is even better than when I was there.”  “So I’m really kind of surprised it took him so long.”

Thanks to NBC Sports for the story on this.  Those are the main quotes from his interview that bother me.  Favre may have not been trying to come off as bitter, but he certainly sounds like it.  It may be my dislike for the man, but the way he comes off in this interview makes him sound jealous.  Rodgers did fall into a great situation, but he had to work at it.  He doesn’t make the game killing mistakes that Favre was known for.  Rodgers has only been a starter for 3 years.  How long did Favre think it would take him to win one?

Maybe I’m overreacting, but it sounds like someone is a bit jealous that their successor already has as many Super Bowl wins as he does.


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  • Goldpapa

    Brett, I agree with you 100%. If I were to describe it I wouldn’t have been quite so nice. Don’t let punks like Riley Schmitt get you down! I wonder who his Daddy is? I’ll bet he’s from Wisconsin!!!!!

    • Riley Schmitt

      Um, that’s an interesting take. Thanks for the opinion.

  • RWB

    Riley is spot on and Favre was/is the most over rated and one of the most selfish arrogant QB’s of all time. I will give him his toughness on the field and remember him for that, but as far as everything else, I can think of 10 other QB’s I’d rather have, including Rodgers….and I am not a fan of the all!

    • shon mckinney

      hey the mckinney’s of lebanon are still hopping your not gong to for get the vikings keep sakes . of you and the guy’s you all let us down stunded n shocked we think the world of all this team. pics nothing of our greatest team ever .we just want to feel connected to football team. thanks guy’s just win BABY 60 mins we still believe in our team and yes even thefont OFFICE .ill let the personnel dept slide during this summer when they were very snobby and rude lik my family did matter i felt crappy after our visit/ chat / slash fone call with my teams front office didnt feel the love man let down if anythang oh well , came away with a cold shoulder no heart. note to those thati talked with that day cold hearted learn to be alittle warmer with the fans that support and have the love from me and my boys who are die hards for life we never jmp ship… vikings good luck from the shon mckinney family from 14461 hwy 64 lebanon, missouri. just in case u know.

  • Mike

    This interview can only be taken one way. There is no room for interpretation. It comes off as he planned it. It has nothing to do with Favre’s poor use of words. I loved Favre for over a decade, but about three years before he left he started with this retirement thing and I started seeing the real Favre. I was all for letting him retire because I saw in the first game Aaron played in from off the bench, he was special. Sure he didn’t do much statistically but you could see his speed and his attempt to read the field. I knew we’d be okay. I can guarantee you that after watch Favre for 100 years and Aaron for his three years, that there is no comparison. If Aaron could have the durability of Favre (which he won’t), he’d break all of Favre’s record by a significant amount. So I give Favre the durability factor but that’s it. The durability factor is what allowed all the records he owns even though he’s just a good quarterback.

  • Manwhich

    I suggest before you read this rant you should listen to the interview. This rant really poorly quotes what favre said and is used only to back up its writers already obvious negative opinions of favre. He didnt really rip on rodgers. It is true however rodgers walked in to a great team though and of course he benifited a lot from that.. It has never been as good on the WR front as it has been in the last few years. Get over it people favre was a great qb if not one of the greatest of all time. However you choose to view how his career ended it still doesnt change the past or all that was achieved. Rodgers is also a great qb and someday might be considered as one of the greatest of all time. As for favres massive ego claim. I know of quite a few of his teammates including current packers who disagree completely. I will take their word for it over people who never knew him or played with him anyday. To compare the two qbs right now is beyond stupid. In 20 years we can talk about who was actually better. Right now however its a worthless conversation. End of story