Does Speed Really Kill.....Eagles Must Re-Evaluate Ideology

By Frank Benditt III

The Eagles need to take a deep breath and relax.  Everyone has been killing them, including me.  Number one, I am still an Eagles fan and always will be.  The playoffs could be a stretch at this point.  If that is the case, the Eagles must re-evaluate their entire philosophy.

The NFL is ever evolving.  One thing for sure is that the NFL is a passing league.  That does not mean you do not run the ball.  If a team has a clear weakness, like the Eagles, it will be exploited.  That weakness is right in the middle.  The Eagles front four is small and extremely fast.  The wide nine technique pressures the quarterback.  It also leaves tremendous gaps.

The Eagles linebackers are small and fast as well.  The flaw is that they are inexperienced and lack big play capability.  The group may be the worst in the league.  Shedding blockers is a huge problem.  Teams know this, so it seems every running back is Jim Brown.

Obviously, some adjustments must be made.  I believe, if they are made, the personnel may not be able to execute.  Sometimes size, bulk, ruggedness, toughness are qualities you can not coach.

The Eagles possess an electric offense.  The tandem of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin may be the fastest in the league.  The Eagles became a different team with Jackson, Maclin, and Micheal Vick.  Where has the West Coast offense gone?  Now, the Eagles are a big play team.

The problem is that it is hard to sustain a drive with that philosophy.  It is also hard to establish any rhythm.  The Eagles have turned into the old Oakland Raiders.  Al Davis would be proud.

Being smallish, nimble and fast seems to be a trend from NFL past.  I understand that Andy Reid must use what he has.  The game plan needs to be tweaked.  At the very least, Andy should watch a Packers film so he can get a clue.



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