Hey Andy, I Have An Idea For The Eagles Redzone Problems; Utilize Michael Vick

The Eagles red-zone woes are epic.  No doubt.  It seems that head coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg over analyze the situation.  They have the best red-zone weapon at their disposal.  What is funny about this dilemma is that this weapon happens to be the leader of the team and the franchise player, Michael Vick.  It is like looking a ‘gift horse in the mouth.’

In my estimation, Michael Vick is the ultimate red-zone machine.  With Vick’s sheer athleticism and ability to keep the defense guessing scramble or pass, calling plays should be a ‘no brainer’.  The situation I am referring to is when the Eagles are at a true first and goal.  Vick should always have a called play that moves him out of the pocket with an option to run or pass.

Whether it is a waggle, bootleg or role out, Vick can make magic happen.  Fans saw Vick last Sunday, against the 49er, pull off a Houdini when he avoided a sack and threw a touchdown pass to tight end Clay Harbor.

With that type of ability, why not exploit defenses using Vick’s talent.  Vick has teammates that can enhance the packages that the coached could draw up.  I am talking about LeSean McCoy, Jason Avant, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson, Steve Smith, large target Riley Cooper and the forgotten Brent Celek.

Andy, let’s get it done.  It is all right there in front of you.  If you do not, your job could be on the line.  Or, maybe you have tenure with Jeffrey Lurie?






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  • Demetrius Thompson

    This article is ON POINT! Why is that us as fans know this and Andy Reid, who spends all this time with his own players and watching film doesnt know how to utilize them to their highest potential. Andy Reid gets paid millions of dollars and for what? Absolutely NOTHING! When its all over Andy will go down as this eras version of Marv Levy. A coach who can get your franchise alot of wins but CAN NOT get you THAT win that means the most in February. Bring on Cowher, Gruden or Dungy!!! As long as Andy Reid is coaching we can forget about a Super Bowl coming to Philly unless we are hosting it!

    • Frank Benditt III

      Thank you! I want Gruden.

  • mike

    Yeaaaaaaahhhhh!!! I have been yelling this before the season began. Not only is he the franchise player he is the only true superstar on this team. When teams get in trouble they turn to their superstars.

    Statistically, especially back when he was in ATL, Vick scores in the red zone with the bootleg. He just out runs the D. Go back and check the tapes. Even last year he was scoring on the boot when they ran them. Reid needs to put in designed runs on the edge as well for Vick. When Vick runs the ball, in ATL or Philly, that opens the rest of the field for everyone else to get lose (DJAX, Shady, etc). Just boggles my mind how this coaching staff doesn’t see this, especially after last year and the Rams game this year. What we got from Morningham after the rams game was there were big plays but weren’t done correctly (I took that to mean Vick ran a lot). What???? Are you freakin kidding me. We win but we didn’t win correctly. What a jackass. Stop trying to be proper and just unleash the beast (Vick) and the beast will set this team free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Frank Benditt III

      I agree totally.