Video: Future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre Looks Nervous in Broadcasting Debut During Rice-Southern Mississippi Game

By Dan Parzych

The 2011 NFL season wouldn’t be complete without mentioning future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre’s name at least a few times–but luckily this topic has nothing to do with the possibility of him coming out of retirement for the fourth time. Instead, this rant about Favre involves his broadcasting debut during the Southern Mississippi-Rice game last weekend and based off just a few minutes of observation–let’s be glad he’s not covering NFL games for Fox or CBS every Sunday.

Graham Watson of Yahoo! Sports was kind enough to provide a video with the first two minutes of Favre’s broadcasting debut–which consists of a nervous Favre and numerous awkward pauses. Favre wastes no time admitting he’s nervous (as he should be) about his debut and if these two minutes were any indication of what the entire game was like–it must have been pretty painful for fans to watch and listen to

I give Favre all of of the credit in the world for wanting to stay involved with the game considering he’s one of the most passionate players in the world when it comes to football–but broadcasting is clearly not the job for him. On a positive note, Mike Morgan sounds phenomenal and I’m sure it was a great experience for him to call the game with one of the greatest NFL players of all time.

What are your thoughts about Favre’s broadcasting debut?

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