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Classy Move: Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald Will Donate 10 Cents Towards Breast Cancer For Each New Twitter Follower in October

Without a question, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is one of the most generous players in the NFL and is always trying to be an active member of the community. While the NFL recognizes the month of October for the fight against breast cancer, the Pro Bowl receiver has not only agreed to donate $1,000 per catch and $10,000 per touchdown for the disease for the month, but he’ll make another donation based off his Twitter fan base.

Fitzgerald announced on Wednesday that he would donate 10 cents towards Breast Cancer for every new follower he receives on Twitter–with the starting number being 935,210. As of the time this article was published, Fitzgerald was already at 936,660 followers–which means he’s already raised $145 within the first hour.

As most football fans know, Fitzgerlald’s mom battled the horrific disease for seven and a half years before passing away in 2003 at the age of 47. Fitzgerald has always been one of the most respected players in the NFL and it’s great to see him take a stand for a disease that has affected so many lives.

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