Please Help me Understand How the Chicago Bears are Ranked

Disclaimer…I know these polls are all kinda BS. That being said…I was sitting here this morning looking over ESPN and Fox Sport’s ranking of the NFL. The Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints are ranked first and second in both polls. The Bears are 15 in Fox Sports’ Poll and 18th in ESPN’s Poll.  On Fox’s poll, the Steelers, Jets and the one of the teams the Bears defeated in the Falcons are ahead of the Bears all with 2-2 records. In ESPN’s poll the Jets, Raiders and Cowboys are ahead of the Bears again with 2-2 records. So if I am to understand this, the Bears lose to the two best teams and even defeat one of the teams ahead of them and yet are considered an average to below-average team. Meanwhile the Steelers and Jets that have played like crap are ranked ahead of the Bears.

Now, let me give you my two-cents from a guy that has watched this team all season.

I think as it stands, the Chicago Bears are an average football team. This doesn’t mean they’ll stay an average team, but the record speaks to how this team has played. They’ve been underdogs in three of their games, and lost two of the three. They’re underdogs again this week in Detroit. The Lions are a good football team that could also be 2-2. Last season, the Bears were considered lucky. This year, the Lions are considered resilient. Can’t have it both ways…there’s no such thing as a lucky team. Teams create their own breaks. The Lions play 60 minutes. The Vikings and Cowboys (both wins for the Lions) don’t and the Lions took advantage with two nice comeback wins. We saw the Bears with a complete effort against the Falcons in week one, and nothing like it since. Even still, the Lions are a top-rated team. 4-0 earns them respect, but they could be 2-2 and considered average. In the end, rankings don’t mean much. Wins and losses do.

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  • Andrew J

    Not too hard to understand. Our defense ranks 31st in yards and our offense ranks 26th. I don’t think the amount of yards a team gives up is a very good litmus for evaluating a team, but when most voters pick which teams are best, that is certainly a logical place to look. For example, the numbers would show our defense was very bad against the panthers, giving up 534 yards, but i think some of that is misleading. The defense I think came through in the clutch time last week. Aside from the essentially meaningless touchdown at the end of the game, the defense only gave up 3 points in the second half. The offensive production could’ve been better, but it also lost a few early drives due to two long returns by hester and the interception return by moore.

    As far as rankings go, I agree that we probably should be higher, but, I havent seen every game every team has played, so my rankings would probably be unfair to other teams too. I think a general rule for rankings should go according to the way teams are seeded in the playoffs i.e., we should be ahead of all 1-3 teams, teams we have a winning record against and teams we have a harder schedule than in that order.

    I’m happy we’re at least ahead of the Eagles that are 1-3 and I could still see being ranked in the top ten by some writers. I only wish the Cowboys were under us since there is probably no game they couldn’t manage to lose

  • Jeff Shull

    Yea I don’t see how you can have two losses to the top 2 teams in the Rankings and be below several other 2-2 teams (on ESPN’s rankings anyways)

  • Tyler Durden

    Jonathan -

    Did you hear Buck and Aikman at the end of Lions/Cowboys last week, when they didn’t realize it was fourth down when Felix Jones ran out of bounds? How do you fuck that up? It says it’s 4th down right on the screen. And then someone finally told them it was a change of possession and Buck was like, “Oh hey, it was 4th down. Whatever.” Can you at least TRY to give a shit? Stop writing Pearl Jam fanboy stories and pay attention, you dick. At least we get the next three weeks off from Buck because of baseball.

    Anyway…..Why does Cleatus have a shield now? He’s a robot. He’s made of metal. Why does a giant metal robot need a giant metal shield to protect him? He’s MADE of shields. I fucking hate that robot. I hope he gets robot AIDS. A reader wrote in a while back to note that the dude who invented Cleatus is worshipped around the FOX offices for coming up with him, and that makes me want to become an Amish person.

    • Mark

      Best comment ever. I hate that duo and not just bc they hate the Bears

      • Andrew J

        I hated them during the packers game and how amazingly monotone and uninterested Joe Buck sounded on the punt trick the Bears almost pulled off.

  • Chicago Bear Jew

    Never a dull moment with you