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NFL Philadelphia Eagles

Terrell Owens Available Soon: Would He Help The Eagles Redzone Failures?

It is a stretch….a homecoming of Terrell Owens to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Would Andy Reid even consider it?  Would the fans welcome Owens?  Would Michael Vick see an upside?  All fair questions, but who knows?  ESPN has reported that Terrell Owens talked today for the first time and said he was less than a month away from being “ready to play for a NFL team”.

Now, this scenario only comes into play if the Eagles are not completely out of the playoff picture.  Most insiders feel that Terrell Owens will be on an NFL roster when available.  Owens can still be a large contributor for the right team (last year: Bengals 14 games, 72 receptions, 983 yards and nine touchdowns).

The Eagles are lacking size on the outside.  Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson are a great tandem, they are smallish by today’s NFL standards.  Terrell Owens is a healthy 6’3 224lbs and would present a large target, especially in the red-zone.  Scoring touchdowns is what Terrell Owens excels at.  In less than two seasons with the Eagles (2004-2005), Owens scored 20 touchdowns in 21 games.

Imagine having red-zone packages that consist of Michael Vick, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Terrell Owens and Brent Celek.  That is two big targets, two speedy targets and the ultimate weapon, Vick.  DeSean Jackson is great, however, his diminutive size allows him to disappear in red-zone situations.

Owens could also catch some balls across the middle.  Having a sizable target could help Vick exploit the center of the field that has been neglected all season long.

This Eagles team is too young to even remembered what transpired in the past concerning Terrell Owens.  That would not be a problem.  Is Terrell a changed guy?  Probably not.  I do know Terrell’s ego.  Being surrounded by an injection of youth would be the best thing for the aging hall of famer.  Additionally, he could finish a chapter in his career that was tumultuous.

As I am writing this, it is making more and more sense.  Maybe I am delusional.  I just know that with the Eagles being 1-3, I am willing to try anything.  Or, maybe, I would like to see Andy Reid make this decision and self-destruct.