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Blogging with the Enemy…My Answers to the Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions

I want to thank my main man Zac Snyder from Side Lion Report for doing this week’s Q & A on the Detroit Lions. You can follow him on Twitter at ZacSnyder. You saw my questions to him, so here’s his questions to me. Away we go…


 Zac: How do fans in Chicago react to a Monday night game on the Bears’ schedule


CBJ: I’ll speak for me…I hate games that aren’t at noon locally on Sundays. But I realize when you’re a good team, you’re gonna play national games. I’m coming to MoTown on Monday because I realize how big of a game this is and that I want to see Ford Field. I’m kinda shocked at how everyone in your fair city is fired up about this game and ignores the Turkey Day tradition. You do get that one every year. 


Zac: Is it possible to ever know what to expect from Jay Cutler? He seems to be up and down without any sort of pattern or reason.


CBJ: He gets very little help from everyone except Matt Forte. It’s a crap shoot for the poor guy. If he had some help, we’d know what to expect. Just imagine running for your life and having little help from anyone. That’s the Jay Cutler experience.


Zac:  Are fans being patient with Lovie Smith through a 2-2 start based on the unexpectedly good season last year or is his seat heating up again?


CBJ: I think fans are more fed up with the General Manager Jerry Angelo. Smith has his critics too, but Angelo is enemy number one these days. Your former guy Mike Martz is a target as well.


Zac:  Do the Bears rely on Matt Forte too heavily on offense?


CBJ:Trade the Bears Calvin Johnson and that will change. He’s all the Bears got besides a beat-up Cutler.


Zac:  How is our old friend Roy Williams responding to life with the Bears?


CBJ: He’s old and slow. But he’s been hurt and claims he’s finally connecting with Cutler. We will see…

Zac: How do you think the Bears game against the Lions will go and what is your prediction for the final score?


CBJ: I’m not sure. The Lions are 4-0 but could easily be 2-2. The Bears are a legit 2-2. If the Bears play like they did in week one, could be interesting. The edge may be in Special Teams and they’ve got the Lions there. Frankly, I think the Bears will be fired up and will make this game.


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