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NFL Philadelphia Eagles

How To Become A Hall Of Fame Running Back: Play The Eagles

Everyone knows the Eagles defense is an absolute mess, especially defending the run.  The Eagles wide nine style leaves bigger holes than Michael Strahan’s gap teeth.  Those gaps are exactly the problem the linebacking corp has no answers for.

The Eagles linebackers are the worst in the league.  They get more bullied than the character from ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’.  To put in perspective how bad the Eagles linebackers are,  take a look at the numbers.  Look at what opposing running backs have done against the Eagles in the first five games.

Game 1 against the St. Louis Rams the Eagles showed their glaring weakness immediately with Steven Jackson’s 47 yard touchdown scamper.  Jackson hurt himself on the play, so his back-up, Cadillac Williams, came in and did the rest of the damage.  Williams finished with 91 yards on 19 carries.  The Rams ran for a team total of 154 yards on 25 attempts.  That is an average of over six yards a carry.

Game 2 against the Atlanta Falcons was Michael Turner’s turn to shine.  Turner burnt the Eagles for 114 yards on 21 touches.  The Falcons managed to average over five yards a run against the Birds.

Game 3 was more of the same.  The Giants Ahmad Bradshaw joined the party.  In his limited attempts, 15, Bradshaw compiled 86 yards.  That is a 5.7 yard per clip average.

Game 4 was my favorite.  San Francisco 49er’s running back, Frank Gore, was supposedly hobbled by a bad ankle, listed as questionable for the game.  No matter, it is the Eagles.  Gore ran for 127 yards on 15 carries sealing the Eagles defeat.  For those keeping track, that is an 8.8 average.

Game 5 was the same old song.  This time the Buffalo Bills trotted out Fred Jackson to do the damage.  Jackson led the team with 111 yards on 26 carries in the crushing win against the Eagles.

Do you see the trend?  I would like to think the Eagles coaches do.  The questions is:  how do you repair the problem?  Here is a start, fire Juan Castillo…..