NFL New England Patriots

Looking at the Top 20 On My Draft Board For The New England Patriots

1. Andrew Luck Quarterback Stanford Junior Redshirt Luck appears to be a can’t miss prospect.  Luck is considered the clear cut #1 overall prospect at this point.

2. Matt Kalil Left Tackle USC Junior Redshirt Matt Kalil is emerging into a clear cut #2 prospect on draft boards.

3. Quinton Coples Right End North Carolina Senior There is no doubt that Coples is the top senior prospect in the draft.  Coples is the top defensive prospect and may be the clear cut #3 overall prospect behind Luck and Kalil at this point.

4. Jonathan Martin Left Tackle Stanford Junior Redshirt Jonathan Martin is one of the most underrated players in the country.  Martin’s pass blocking ability allows Andrew Luck more time.

5. Matt Barkley Quarterback USC Junior After Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley is the top quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft.

6. Dre Kirkpatrick Cornerback Alabama Junior Dre Kirkpatrick is the best available player at this point.  New England’s pass defense has performed like one of the worst in the league.  The other thing you have to consider with New England is the fact that Belicheck has drafted a corner in the first 2 rounds every year since 2008.

7. Morris Claiborne Cornerback LSU Junior Morris Claiborne has played real well for LSU at cornerback.  Claiborne has put himself in the best position to rival Kirkpatrick for the top cornerback in 2012.

8. Trent Richardson Running Back Alabama Junior Trent Richardson is a very dynamic back.  New England doesn’t really need a running back.  The Patriots drafted 2 running backs in 2011.  Despite this Richardson is a premium talent so I have to figure he is in the top 10 on New England’s draft board.

9. Michael Floyd Wide Receiver Notre Dame Senior Notre dame receiver Michael Floyd may be able to compensate for what Chad Ochocinco does in terms of production.  Floyd has the size, production, and catching ability to become a deadly flanker receiver.

10. Justin Blackmon Wide Receiver Oklahoma State Junior Redshirt Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon is considered by many as the top receiver prospect in the 2012 NFL Draft.  New England may become enamored by Blackmon’s speed and route running ability.

11. Vontaze Burfict Middle Linebacker/3-4 Middle Linebacker Arizona State Junior Vontaze Burfict is one of the most complete middle linebacker prospects in the 2012 NFL DRaft.  Burfict can pass rush, run stuff, or drop back in zone coverage.  Burfict was a 5 star recruit out of high school and the top middle linebacker recruit in the country before committing to Arizona State.

12. Robert Griffin III Quarterback Baylor Junior Redshirt Robert Griffin III has thrown 19 touchdowns and 1 interception through 5 games this season.  I have been on the RGIII bandwagon since June.  Through 5 games Griffin has a completion percentage of 80.4.

Robert Griffin has the arm, zip, scrambling ability, speed, accuracy, high character, 4.0 GPA at Baylor, and a high functioning football IQ.

Robert Griffin has more promise than Michael Vick or Cam Newton coming out of college.  Unlike Vick or Newton, Griffin has some experience calling NFL pro style plays at the collegiate level.

13. Ricky Wagner Left Tackle/Right Tackle Wisconsin Junior Redshirt Ricky Wagner is another blue collar offensive tackle from the University of Wisconsin.  Wagner has more potential than Gabe Carimi.  At the same time Wagner is also a bigger project than Carimi.  Wagner has first round potential.  The thing with Wagner is he is a high risk high reward pick because it may take him 3 years to learn an NFL playbook.  If Wagner does learn a play book he has potential to be a pro bowl offensive tackle in 3 years.

14. Brandon Lindsey Right End/3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Pittsburgh Senior Redshirt Brandon Lindsey has tallied 4 sacks for the Pittsburgh Panthers.  Lindsey has constantly rushed the quarterback blitzing on consistent occasions against Rutgers on Saturday.  Lindsey played in the 4-3 under Dave Wandstead.  This year with Todd Graham Lindsey has adjusted to more of a jack linebacker James Harrison type role in a 3-4 defensive scheme.

Lindsey can play right end or left end.  The same can be said with the 3-4 right outside linebacker or 3-4 left outside linebacker spot.

15. Jayron Hosley Cornerback Virginia Tech Junior Jayron Hosley has the best zone coverage ability of any cornerback in this draft class.  Hosley’s ability in man coverage has also improved.

The rapid improvement in Hosley’s man coverage ability along with the fact that he had 10 interceptions last year gives Hosley a shot of being a top 15 prospect.

16. Landry Jones Quarterback Oklahoma Junior Redshirt Landry Jones may be a top 10 prospect.  I don’t see a franchise quarterback in Landry Jones.  That is why I bumped Landry Jones down to #16 overall on my draft board.

17. Alshon Jeffery Wide Receiver South Carolina Junior AJ Green had Calvin Johnson’s talent and Andre Johnson’s size.  Jeffery has Andre Johnson’s potential and Calvin Johnson’s size.  Jeffery has gotten off to a rocky start falling from a top 5 prospect to a top 20 pick.  Jeffery will still go in the first round and he may even go back in the top 10 with an impressive NFL Combine.  There is a strong chance Jeffery declares.

18. Michael Brewster Center Ohio State Senior Michael Brewster is about as talented of a center prospect as the Pouncey brothers or Jets center Nick Mangold.  We have seen centers get drafted earlier and earlier over the past few years.  I get the feeling that Brewster is about to emerge as a top 20 prospect on teams draft boards.

19. Luke Kuechly Middle Linebacker/3-4 Middle Linebacker Boston College Junior Boston College middle linebacker Luke Kuechly is a smart instinctive tackler who has outstanding run stuffing and zone coverage ability.

Kuechly has recorded 83 total tackles in 5 games.  Kuechly recorded 47 solo tackles and 36 assisted tackles in a 5 game span.

20. Monte Teo Right Outside Linebacker/3-4 Middle Linebacker Notre Dame Junior Monte Teo can play the WILL, MIKE, or SAM role in a 4-3 defense.  Teo is also a 3-4 middle linebacker.  Teo is a top notch run stuffer and offers the most versatility and agility as a 4-3 linebacker prospect.