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New York Jets VS New England Patriots Game Recap

Neither team dominated this game early.  New England put the game away due to the run blocking and ability of running back Ben Jarvis Green Ellis.

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez went 16 for 26 with 166 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, and no interceptions.  There were times when Sanchez picked apart New England’s pass defense at will.  At the same time Sanchez performed below average until the 4th quarter as he was held to 70 passing yards through 3 quarters of play

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady went 24 for 33 with 1 touchdown and 1 interception.  The interception was a result of tight end Aaron Hernandez tipping a pass that landed in the hands of Antonio Cromartie.  You really cannot blame Brady for the interception.

Mark Anderson recorded 1.5 sacks constantly winning 1 on 1 battles with the New York Jets right tackle.  Take away the performance of the Jets right tackle, and this Jets offensive line actually bought Sanchez enough time to make some reads picking apart the defense.

The good news is the Patriots run defense limited the Jets rushing attack to 97 total yards.  The bad news is the Patriots run defense looks really lackluster without star linebacker Jerod Mayo.

The New England Patriots pass blocking was simply awful in this game.  Brady took numerous sacks.  Brady got rid of the ball with his quick release before Jets defenders could pressure him on some plays compensating for the offensive line’s blocking ability.  The one positive was that the pass blocking unit gave Brady enough time on his one touchdown throw to Deion Branch.

Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis did a nice job limiting Welker in coverage.  Welker had 5 receptions.  Only one of those plays resulted in a huge gain of yards.  Even on that play Revis made a tackle that prevented a Patriots touchdown.

Welker had 5 receptions for 124 receiving yards having some good plays on Revis when getting opportunities.  Welker was constantly covered by Revis which really limited his ability to perform to his fullest potential.

Deion Branch had 7 receptions for 74 receiving yards, and a receiving touchdown.  After Welker Branch helped Brady the most in this game.

Tight Ends Aaron Hernandez may have had solid games if you look at their statistics.  If you watched the game tape you will get a different perspective on how the tight ends performed.  Hernandez failed to catch 2 deep passes that Brady threw on 3rd down.  I realize Brady overthrew those passes, but that doesn’t change the fact that Hernandez has to hold his own catching those deep passes.

Rob Gronkowski commanded some double teams and may deserve some benefit of the doubt.  Despite this I feel like he did not live up to expectations for New England this week.  Gronkowski will probably have a stronger outing in the Patriots next contest.

Chad Ochocinco actually capitalized on the only 2 opportunites in this game.  One of those receptions resulted in a first down on 3rd down.  Ochocinco may get 3 or 4 receptions in the Patriots next game after ceasing critical opportunities against a New York Jets pass defense that was ranked 2nd in the league heading into today.

The run blocking was a different story.  The run blocking for New England dominated in this contest.  The New York Jets had trouble starting the run.  Ben Jarvis Green Ellis had 27 carries for 136 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns.

New England is already a tough team to defeat when Brady is clicking on all cylinders.  When Ben Jarvis Green Ellis plays like today along with Brady being on his A game then New England is nearly unstoppable unless they go up against a team with a monster offense like the New Orleans Saints or the Green Bay Packers who can rival New England point for point without making turnovers.

Next week the New England Patriots host the Dallas Cowboys who are coming off a bye week.  The game will be in New England and it will be interesting to see how Romo responds in Gillette Stadium coming off a loss to the Detroit Lions where Dallas dominated in the first half last week.