Nnamdi Asomugha Is A Huge Disappointment

By Frank Benditt III

The Philadelphia Eagles made the big splash signing coveted free agent Nnamdi Asomugha in the off season.  Asomugha was a prize many teams, including the New York Jets, went after.  Nnamdi built a reputation as a shut down corner garnering three pro bowl invites.

The Eagles went against their philosophy signing the already 30 year old corner.  Usually, 30 years old is the age the Eagles front office looks to part ways with players.  Nnamdi was the exception.  And, for good reason.

The book on Asomugha was that he possessed great one on one cover skills.  As a result, quarterbacks rarely threw the ball on the side of the field he roamed.  Because of limited chances, Nnamdi had only three interceptions from 2007-2010.  So, unlike Asante Samuel, Asomugha did not provide the big play.

O.K., that is fine.  Now, the Eagles could take away opposing teams number one receiver.  Not so fast.

As an Eagle, Asomugha has been a huge disappointment.  I know he has been asked to play a different scheme.  No matter.  With his ability, Nnamdi should be playing at a higher level.

Not only has he been beat for touchdowns, he has just one PD (pass defended) on the year.  That is right, one.  In the course of 2007-2010, Nanamdi averaged just below seven PDs and that was when no one was throwing his way.

What perplexes me is that Asomugha was known as a physical corner that would play up on receivers, jamming them.  Well, that physicality definitely does not translate to tackling.  Asomugha is on par with Asante Samuel when it comes to getting anyone to the ground.  He plays soft.

Sometimes, a big free agent acquisition can turn out to be a bust.  Look at Albert Haynesworth.  So far, I have not seen a secondary that is feared or vaunted.  What I see is a secondary that Alex Smith lights up.


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