Terrelle Pryor Is Maturing In Oakland

By Shawn Etemadi

After reading one of  Terrelle Pryor’s most recent interviews, I could only come to one conclusion. The man is maturing.

The former Ohio State Buckeye confirmed that the Raiders are bringing him along slowly but surely.

“We’re just trying to go get ready and practice. That’s what I am looking  forward to being with my teammates. I see how hard they work and I am just  waiting for an opportunity to practice with them and get some reps in and that’s  it. Just working hard with them guys,” said Pryor.

The 6 ft. 5 in. Pryor also said that the Raiders have every intention of grooming him into an NFL quarterback.

“Right now I’m at a quarterback  position and they may have some wildcat packages or whatever the case may be. I  will be at quarterback and I will be a very effective one,” added Pryor.

When asked about the struggling Ohio State football program, Pryor answered:

“In a way it hurts me. I know I should be on the field helping them guys for  the mistakes that I have made, but I am not perfect. No one is perfect. I never  met anyone that has been perfect and I always say when I do meet that person  that is perfect I am going to learn from that guy, but until that day I am  learning from my mistakes and I am going to take it as a man.

“Right now it saddens me. I get sad sometimes watching the guys because I  know I can be on the field helping them guys, but I can’t think about that right  now. I am on the next page and trying to take care of business. I hope all the  success for them guys and I pray for them and hope they turn some things  around.”

The next question Pryor was asked annoyed me considerably. The Raiders quarterback was asked if there was anything in his college career that he now regrets. That surely deserves a…come-on man.

Unfazed by the loaded question, Pryor came up with a cheeky response:

“There’s a lot of things we wish we could have back. It’s just like me  throwing an interception and I’m on the sidelines thinking, ‘Dang I wish I got  that play back!’ But the play is over. You can’t have the next day back, so just  to answer your question I don’t really think like that. I think God put me in  this position to be where I am at right now.

“I can’t be in a better place learning from Jason  Campbell and having one of the best coaches in my opinion that I have ever  had in Hue  Jackson. I learned a lot from him and I just feel god put me in this  position and this is where I am going to be successful at in Raiders  Nation.”

When asked about the passing of the Raiders legendary owner Al Davis, Pryor recalled, “I talked to him a couple of times a week. Once a week at least. It was just  talking to a legend like that. Him just passing away. It sucked.”

Al Davis gave Pryor a fresh start in Oakland, now it’s the former Buckeye’s responsibility to take advantage of his opportunity. My intuition is telling me that he [Pryor] will seize the day. Make me look good Terrelle.

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