Bucs Face Tall Test Against New Orleans

By Joshua Casey

This Sunday the Buccaneers will take on the New Orleans Saints, and considering all the things that have gone wrong, they certainly have a tough test, even if they are at home. But even though the Bucs may be underdogs at home, are missing their starting RB, and looked downright awful last week against the 49ers, there is still a positive outlook considering how they have played the Saints in the past. The Bucs have done well against the Saints in the past and head coach Raheem Morris was asked about how his team has had this success.

“We’ve done a nice job of preparing well. The Saints are an awesome team to watch. They’re an awesome team to play against. The competition is very high. They’re a division rival. It’s all those things that are going to be a part of this game that make it a great game and we can’t wait to get out there and play these guys again.” Certainly playing a division rival will help the Bucs get emotionally ready for a game, which even though so early in the season, is a must in game in my opinion.

After starting off the season with such high hopes the Bucs now stand at 3-2, and although that record is considerably good considering the way other teams have started off, it doesn’t help the Bucs because of the division they are in. The NFC South with the New Orleans Saints, always a formidable contender, the Atlanta Falcons, a team who has been down but more than likely will find it’s way and get back on track, and the Carolina Panthers, a team that with Cam Newton is on the rise, is always so competitive.

The Bucs certainly are in one of the tougher divisions in football, and the fact that they have to play the Saints at a time when mostly everything is going wrong doesn’t help at all. The Bucs, in every game this year, have gotten off to a slow start on offense and defense but last week in San Francisco it was just downright embarrassing. The Bucs couldn’t get anything going and Josh Freeman’s 2 interceptions certainly didn’t help. If the Bucs want to have any chance this weekend they will need to start off quickly on both offense and defense and avoid costly turnovers.



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