Vikings @ Bears In-Game Report

By justinlaughridge

I started out this week’s Vikings game in a rather unique fashion:  at kickoff, I was eating Texas BBQ in a San Diego restaurant that is owned by a die-hard Bears fan who was born in the Middle East.  I’m not making that up.  I figured I had good food and good company, and was planning on a good game to follow.  What I got instead was this debacle, which currently stands at 33-10 Bears in the 3rd Quarter.

There were all kinds of problems defensively in the first half, and all kinds of general ineptitude shown by the offensive line and by RB Adrian Peterson (who only had 9 carries at the break).  I wanted to spend this update talking about those problems and a few others – I had the computer all ready to go, and then it happened.  Devin Hester struck again.  This time, he returned a kickoff 98+ yards to paydirt, taking away all the momentum that was generated by the Vikings when Adrian Peterson scored early in the 3rd quarter.  So I had to stop what I was doing, and ask you the fans one simple question – – should this guy be in the Hall of Fame?  (As I wrote that sentence, by the way, he had another lengthy punt return…..sheesh.)

For the record, Hester has 17 total return TD’s in his career – 4 kickoffs, 12 punts, and 1 missed FG.  He does play some offense, but obviously defines his career by dazzling play on special teams.  I have heard arguments for and against his HoF candidacy, but the more I see of him, the clearer it becomes to me that he deserves a bust in Canton.  Look, the guy changes games from his position in a way that no one ever has.  He squelches momentum (just did it a few minutes ago, in fact) and picks up hidden yardage with his big returns and makes life easier for his entire team.

I realize that some people like to argue against kickers, punters, and specialists making the Hall, but ask Leslie Frazier after this game what kind of impact Devin Hester had on it.  Let us know your thoughts on Hester, and your thoughts on the remainder of this game.  Here’s to hoping that ends much better than it started.

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