How Andy Reid Should Feel About His Eagles

By Frank Benditt III

The Philadelphia Eagles came out with a 20-13 win against the Washington Redskins on Sunday.  For head coach Andy Reid, it had to feel good.  The Eagles were coming off a four game losing streak.  Fans and media alike were calling for Big Red’s job.  Not so fast, my friends.

As I have said before, Andy Reid is smart.  Reid knows there is some good and some bad to take away from Sunday’s victory.  The blessing is that the Eagles are entering their bye week, so there is time to analyze exactly where his team sits in the NFC East.

Let us start with the positive.  The make-shift offensive line performed surprisingly well.  As I suggested, the Eagles used many three step drops that allowed Michael Vick to get rid of the ball quickly.  Even when Vick held the ball longer, there was generally a decent pocket to unload.

I wrote an article I stand by called, “The Eagles Should Start Reading My Articles.”  In my pre-game evaluation, I thought the Eagles should use Brent Celek more and exploit the middle of the field.  That was done with success on Sunday.  Celek is a weapon that has been under utilized.

I also pointed out that LeSean McCoy should be the focal point of the offense.  Hey, maybe someone is reading my pieces.  McCoy had 28 carries, by far the most he has had all season.  Guess what?  It worked.  The offensive line did a solid job, however, alot of the success was McCoy’s pure ability.  Andy should take note and work LeSean accordingly.

Let’s recap on the offense.  The Eagles can run the rock when they choose to and the tight end can be a weapon.  Andy needs to build off this success.

Defensively, the Eagles played their best game.  They were stout against the run.  Rookie linebacker, Brain Rolle, played exceptionally.  Why was he not in the starting line-up earlier?  Like I said before, Kurt Coleman should have never been benched.  He is the Eagles best safety.  I also said Rex Grossman would throw at least two interceptions.  Nate Allen still stinks.  I stand by this opinion.

Andy Reid needs to take a good hard look at why the Eagles were stagnate in the second half.  This is more than a trend.  There must be a reason and adjustments should be made.  There is no reason the Eagles should not score a point in the second half.  Against a better offense, the Eagles could have easily lost this game.

Andy Reid’s Eagles are now 2-4.  Breath has been give giving to a lifeless team.  A good coach will reinforce all of the positive.  I feel the NFC East is up for grabs.  No one looks great.  When Andy sits down and evaluates, he should feel encouraged.


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