Redskins Vs. Eagles: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Sunday’s game against the Eagles was a chance for the Redskins to take a firm hold on the NFC East.  They would have been 4-1 with two divisional wins, and Philadelphia would have dropped to 1-5, largely making them a non-factor for the rest of the season.

So much for that plan.  Now the Redskins are 3-2 and are in second place in the division behind the 4-2 New York Giants.  Additionally, the Eagles have regained the confidence they needed and at 2-4, are still very much alive in this tight division.

Let’s take a deeper look at yesterday’s game:

The Good (maybe “okay” is better word):

- Second half defense:  After giving up 20 points in the first half, the defense tightened up in the second half, shutting the Eagles out.  OJ Atogwe and DeAngelo Hall both grabbed interceptions, and they didn’t give up any huge plays.  They still got gashed in the running game, but they definitely kept them in the game.  Considering what happened the last time these two teams played, it could have been a lot worse.

- Go kickers!  Graham Gano was two-for-two on field goals (9 for 12 on the year), including a 50 yarder.  He’s certainly kicking better than he did last year.  And Sav Rocca punted beautifully all day, keeping the ball away from Desean Jackson and pinning the Eagles deep in their own territory.

- John Beck came into the game and provided a little spark.  He definitely moves a lot better than Grossman (he rushed for a touchdown) and he didn’t throw an interception.  So that’s a start.

- Terrence Austin finally had an impact.  He was one of the more impressive receivers during the preseason, but like Leonard Hankerson, Mike Shanahan refuses to put him on the field.  That changed on Sunday when he caught a nice pass from John Beck which put the Redskins inside the Eagles’ five yard line.

- And that’s pretty much it.

The Bad:

- 1 for 10 in third down.

- Outgained 422 to 287.

- Nine more penalties.

- Chris cooley:  broken finger, out for a while.

- Kory Lichtensteiger:  torn knee ligaments, done for the year.

- Trent Williams:  high ankle sprain, out for a while.

- Run game?  Completely non-existent.  Hightower didn’t play and the combination of Ryan Torain and Roy Helu was absolutely shut down.

- No weapons:  outside of Fred Davis, this team has no receiving threat.  No wonder Rex Grossman was throwing to the other team.  Leondard Hankerson, Leonard HANKERSON, LEONARD HANKERSON!!!

- Return game?  What has happened to Brandon Banks?  He’s nowhere close to as explosive as he was last year.  Is he hurt?  Maybe it’s time to put someone else back there (Terrence Austin, Niles Paul).

- Rocky McIntosh is reminding us of why they almost let him walk away during the offseason.  He got worked all day.  Put in Perry Riley.

The Ugly:

- Rex Grossman.  Four interceptions.  Bad post-game press conference.  Benched.  Done.

The John Beck show has begun.



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  • SG

    I agree with your “Good”, but your “Bad” needs to get fixed. First of all, Leondard Hankerson wouldn’t do sh** against Nnamdi, DRC and Samuels… Are you kidding me? Second, Hankerson can’t be trusted yet. I agree him and Austin deserve more playing time and should be played against the Panthers and the Bills who don’t have good corners. But come on, would you seriously play Hankerson over Moss against Nnamdi? No f-ing way.

    I agree with your injuries and return game comment, but I disagree with your McIntosh comment. McIntosh has been killing it all season. Hell, he has one bad game, who doesn’t have a bad game once in a while. At least for now I think him and whatever MLB they draft to replace Fletcher this or next season would be a good combo with Rocky if he keeps it up.

    Yes, Grossman threw 4 picks. But I trust Santana, and I always will. Keep Grossman in for another game. If he does horrible against the Panthers, THEN play Beck. But not until you see if he can rebound after a 4 pick game – Did the Bears bench Cutler after he threw 4 picks to DeAngelo? Was there talk about Hanie playing instead? Yes, but look how the Bears did the rest of the season and look at Cutler now.

    • Kelso Carpenter


      Thanks for the comment! You have a lot of good thoughts here. I’m definitely not advocating giving Hankerson playing time over Moss, or even Gaffney. I’m thinking more as the third, fourth, or fifth receiver, over guys like Donte’ Stallworth and maybe even Anthony Armstrong who, even when he’s healthy, is kind of a one-trick pony (straight-line deep route). Sure, you’re right. Leonard Hankerson is young and raw. If they put him out there, we’d no-doubt see a few drops and/or incorrect routes. But the guy is the biggest, most athletic receiver on the roster, by far (6’2-6’3, 220lbs, huge hands, great speed). He would add a dimension to the offense that’s absolutely not there right now. I think it’s worth a shot.

      Maybe I overreacted a bit with the McIntosh thing. He did have a bad game. He was consistently out of position and he was the guy who was responsible for Eagles TE Brent Celek on the touchdown pass. I like Rocky. He’s a very good tackler when he’s in position. But that’s kind of the problem. He’s not always in the right position and he’s not a great fit as a 3-4 MLB. That’s why they almost let him walk. Hopefully he’ll play better against Carolina.

      I don’t totally disagree with you about Rex although I think the comparison to Cutler is a stretch. Cutler is a top 10 quarterback and a guy the Bears gave up a lot to get. Most of his short-comings are related to his protection. Rex is in a different category, and he has different issues. I wouldn’t be surprised or upset if they started him against the Panthers, but I doubt it will happen. The Shanahans have been eagerly waiting for an excuse to get John Beck out there. Props to Santana for backing his guy, but deep down, he just wants to win. Perhaps Beck gives them the best shot.