Comparing John Beck And Rex Grossman

By Kelso Carpenter

I think we all had a sneaking suspension that we would be having this conversation.  Maybe not as soon as the sixth game of the season, but eventually.

Rex Grossman started the season hot with a 300 yard, two touchdown performance against the New York Giants, and he lead a come-from-behind charge against the Arizona Cardinals, but both of these accomplishments have been completely overshadowed by his inability to protect the football.

Through five games, Grossman has been responsible for eleven turnovers (nine interceptions and two lost fumbles), and he has had several recovered fumbles and bad throws that could and should have been interceptions.  That’s just not going to cut it, and that fact became impossible to ignore on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles after he threw his fourth interception of the game.

Mike Shanahan told John Beck to warm up and Grossman was taken out.

Mike and his son Kyle haven’t been shy about how much they’ve always been impressed with John Beck, going all the way back to his days at BYU.  Many people thought he would be the starting quarterback in week one, but coach Shanahan went with Grossman who had an extra year and a half in the offense.

Now, it appears the job is John Beck’s to lose.  He played the fourth quarter of the game against the Eagles and did pretty well, going 8-15, 117 yards, and a rushing touchdown.  Most importantly, he didn’t throw any interceptions.  Whether or not he’ll ultimately be a better option that Grossman remains to be seen.  Let’s compare the two:

Rex Grossman (6’1, 225 lbs):

– Experience:  first round draft pick (Florida) by the Bears in 2003, lead Bears to Superbowl in 2006 (excellent defense, lost to Colts), released by Bears and signed by Texans in 2009, released by Texans and signed by Redskins in 2010

– Strengths:  knows the offense, quick release, stronger arm (than Beck), confident, well-liked by teammates, more experience.

– Weaknesses:  inaccurate (56% comp), immobile, takes too many chances, inconsistent, poor ball control.

John Beck (6’2, 215 lbs):

– Experience:  second round draft pick (BYU) by the Dolphins 2007, played poorly and was benched as Dolphins went 1-15, released by Dolphins and signed by Ravens in 2009, traded to Redskins in 2010

– Strengths: confident, quick release, accurate, very good mobility, takes care of the ball

– Weaknesses:  lack of experience, average arm strength

Take your pick!!


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