Video: Hall of Fame QB Steve Young Receives Surprise Birthday Flash Mob During Lunch

By Dan Parzych

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and Hall of Famer Steve Young recently celebrated his 50th birthday–which is a pretty big milestone in life. The big 5-0 is a major reason to celebrate and Steve’s wife wanted to make sure her husband received a gift he would never forget–a flash mob dance in honor of his birthday.

The video above shows Young out to lunch with a group of people that appears to be his family and is approached by a woman asking for the former quarterback’s autograph. Turns out, Young’s wife hired Flash Mob America to perform a dance for her husband’s birthday and the woman asking for an autograph was just a decoy as she randomly broke out into a dance before hundreds of other dancers joined in shortly after.

There have been plenty of great stories about people receiving unexpected surprises for turning 50–but Young’s birthday surprise has to rank as one of the greatest of all time. The look on Young’s face throughout the video is priceless as he’s amazed from all of the random people dancing for his birthday and how a simple lunch turned into one of the greatest birthday surprises ever.

Thanks to Yahoo! Sports for the tip on the video.

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