Redskins Say "What The Heck?" And Go With Beck

By Kelso Carpenter

In a move that shouldn’t surprise a ton of people, ESPN is reporting that coach Mike Shanahan told the team today that John Beck will start on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

Rex Grossman, who had an awful game against the Philadelphia Eagles last week, once again finds himself on the bench.  I wrote an article yesterday comparing Beck and Grossman.  I really could have gone either way on this one.  Grossman is the type of quarterback who will have a bad game (4 interceptions against the Eagles) and come back the next week with a really strong performance, especially when you consider they’re playing a terrible Carolina defense.

Apparently, Mike Shanahan isn’t confident in that trend.

I think, ultimately, the decision came down to the injuries on the offensive line and Beck’s decisive advantage in the mobility department.  Left tackle Trent Williams is expected to miss at least a couple of weeks with a high ankle sprain and left guard Kory Licthensteiger is out for the year with a torn-up knee.

Beck showed last week that he can run with a couple nice scrambles and a rushing touchdown.

Look, changing the quarterback, especially after five games, is rarely a positive development.  What will Shanahan do if Beck struggles?  Go back to Grossman?  That’s a recipe for disaster.  Switching back and forth would mess with the confidence of both quarterbacks as well as the rest of the team.

Hopefully John Beck takes this opportunity and runs with it, literally and figuratively.


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