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It’s a Miracle: Philadelphia Eagles Doctors Discover Brain Tumor in Jerome Harrison

Remember the failed physical that occurred when the Detroit Lions traded running back Jerome Harrison back to the Eagles (for Ronnie Brown)?

The Eagles never released how exactly Harrison failed the physical, which annoyed a lot of fans.

My dad told me yesterday that he doesn’t understand how a player fails a physical when he hasn’t missed a game this season. He blamed it on poor management by the Eagles, and I have to say, I agreed.

Then the unthinkable happened.

According to ESPN’s NFL Insider Adam Schefter, Philadelphia Eagles team doctors discovered a brain tumor inside of Harrison during the physical. Harrison’s tumor is likely treatable but his football season is over.

Schefter wrote on ESPN that if it wasn’t for the attempted trade, doctors might not have found the tumor. He even added that the “trade might have saved his life.”

So I guess I’m okay with Ronnie Brown returning if it helped to save the life of another football player, a former Eagle.