Jay Cutler Cannot Win


I’ve been a Chicago Bears fan my whole life. I’m 37-years old and can tell you that without even a shadow of a doubt that Jay Cutler is the most talented quarterback the Chicago Bears have had in my lifetime. My father is 70 and he will tell you the same thing from his lifetime. And yet, people just do not appreciate his skill-set.

With talent comes scrutiny…I get that. But the attacks on Cutler are becoming such a common-place it’s almost personal. I am not saying he isn’t a magnet for this because of the whole Denver Broncos situation, but when the circumstances of Josh McDaniels’ horrific run with that organization came out, Cutler should have been somewhat redeemed. McDaniels made it clear to anyone that would listen he wanted fellow New England Patriot signal caller Matt Cassel as his quarterback. When Cassel ended up with the Kansas City Chiefs, McDaniels went to plan B which was Cutler. Just like the rest of us, Cutler is human. Unlike most of the rest of us, he’s a gifted athlete. Just imagine how you would feel if you were a star performer and some new guy wanted to replace you for some unknown reason? I am sure Cutler was angry and I would be too. Obviously, the Broncos recognized how crappy of a coach McDaniels was and fired him within two-years of his hire.

Since he’s been with the Bears, he’s been a solid performer. I cannot say that I love some of his horrific passes, but he is a really good almost great NFL quarterback. He has one of the league’s strongest arms and is tough as hell. Considering the cast of characters he’s been dealing with on offense is it no surprise that he’s struggled at times? Since he’s been with the Chicago Bears, he hasn’t had a top wide receiver or established offensive line. And yet, he is productive. Once these things get figured out, many of us will be happy that Cutler is the leader of the Chicago Bears’ offense.

On Sunday night’s win over the Minnesota Vikings, Cutler was caught on TV appearing to tell-off offensive coordinator Mike Martz with the f word. When asked about the incident on Wednesday he took ownership of it. When Cutler has no expression on the sideline he’s not competitive. When he shows some fire he’s a baby. Can’t have it both ways. The guy wants to win. Sunday showed that he’s a red-ass competitor. As far as teammates go, they’ll love it when they win. Coaches too…

Former Bears head coach and franchise patriarch George Halas used to get drunk-dialed by former defensive end and Hall of Famer Doug Adkins about his contract and Halas’ lack of spending. When Halas was asked about it, he said he could care less because if that’s what motivated Adkins so be it. Bobby Layne led the Detroit Lions to a championship in the 1950s and was notorious for getting in teammates’ faces (of course the Bears traded him to the Lions and Layne is also a Hall of Famer). So I’m glad Jay is my quarterback and I’m sure his coaches and teammates are too.

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