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Report: Carson Palmer Took $5 Million Pay Cut to Play For Oakland Raiders

Back in January, Carson Palmer made it clear that he could afford to retire from the game of football instead of playing for the Cincinnati Bengals because of the $80 million he had saved in the bank. Apparently, Palmer is staying true to his word about how he’s financially set since he’s willing to take a hefty pay cut.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Palmer took a $5 million pay cut to play for the Raiders this season. Palmer was originally scheduled to make $7.44 million for the rest of the 2011 season since we’re already six games in and he will now make $2.5 million for the final 10 games–which is a pretty nice deal on Palmer’s end.

The fact that Palmer was willing to give up $9 million of his original $11.5 million earnings for 2011 shows how desperate he was to get out of Cincinnati. Still, between the $80 million he has saved up and the $40.5 million he’s scheduled to make over the next three seasons after 2011–it’s safe to say Palmer probably won’t mind taking a pay cut this season now that he finally got what he’s fought so long for.

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