The Redskins Better Hope A Certain Streak Comes To An End On Sunday

By Kelso Carpenter

You would think the Redskins would be optimistic about facing a team who is ranked near the bottom in almost every offensive and defensive statistical category, especially one that is lead by a rookie quarterback.

Unfortunately, this is the exact scenario that has given the Redskins fits for the past several years.

The Redskins have lost six straight games against opposing rookie quarterbacks, going all the way back to 2006 against Vince Young and the Tennessee Titans.

Here are the rest:

– Bruce Gradkowski (Tamp Bay, 2006)

– Trent Edwards (Buffalo,2007)

– Joe Flacco (Baltimore, 2008)

– Matthew Stafford (Detroit, 2009)

– Sam Bradford (St. Louis, 2010)

So what does this mean?  Not a lot, I guess.  Those Redskins teams who faced those rookie quarterbacks weren’t very good teams, especially the last two seasons.

But it’s a troubling stat, nonetheless, especially when you consider how well Cam Newton has played so far this season.  You saw what Michael Vick did the Redskins defense last week in the scrambling department.  Export more of that this week against Newton.

I do think the streak is going to be broken this week, though.  This Redskins defense is a lot better than the ones in previous years.  I think Jim Haslett is going to dial up some pressure plays that are going to force the young quarterback into mistakes.

Of course, much depends on how well the Redskins offense plays with a banged up offensive line, a struggling rushing attack, and a new quarterback at the helm.



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